Famous Actress Sangita Ghosh Is A Married Woman And It's A Successful Long-Distance Marriage


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Famous Actress Sangita Ghosh Is A Married Woman And It's A Successful Long-Distance Marriage

Sangeeta Ghosh became a household name when she landed the lead role in telly serial Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand. Since then, the actress has appeared in many shows. She became the fan favourite when she decided to take a sabbatical. The actress was back with a bang with the show Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara.

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

She is currently portraying the role of an antagonist Sudha in Rishton ka Chakravyuh. You would be glad to know that she is a married woman now. To add to the surprise, Sangeeta lives in Mumbai while her husband is in Jaipur. Let’s get some tips from her on maintaining a long-distance relationship.

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Meeting Mr right

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

Sangeeta went to Jaipur for her serial and she wanted to learn horse riding as well. She thought that since she is already in Jaipur, why not take advantage of the situation? She got enrolled in horse riding classes and guess who her instructor was? It was Mr Right, Shailendra Singh Rajput. It was love at first sight for him but Sangeeta wasn’t looking for anything at that time. The future couple met every day during Sangeeta’s stay in Jaipur. They exchanged numbers before Sangeeta left for Mumbai. Sangeeta was quoted as saying:

“I had gone to Jaipur to learn horse-riding. And as luck would have it, he was the one teaching me. While showing me how to ride a horse and hold the reins, he started flirting with me! I was like, 'Oh God! Who is this guy?' I was there for three-four days, and Jaipur has a close set of people, you meet them every day.”

Sangeeta made it clear that she isn’t looking for a relationship but Shailendra knew that she was the girl for him. He flew to Mumbai to talk to her parents. His sincerity and determination changed Sangeeta’s mind and that was the start of a new relationship.

The hush-hush wedding

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

Sangeeta and Shailendra knew that marriage was on cards but none of them expected it to happen so early. Sangeeta’s father was not in good health and she wanted to tie the knot in front of him. So, she asked Shailendra and the wedding finally took place. It was a private affair with only close friends and family members present to bless the couple.

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TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

On the same, Sangeeta retorted, “It (wedding) was a very private affair. I may be used to the media but my in-laws are not. Also, it wasn't a big celebration in our family because my dad was extremely unwell. I rushed into marriage for my dad's sake, but I don't think he knew what was happening as he had lost his memory.”

Managing life and career

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

Sangeeta took a break from work to spend time with her family but now that she is back on the television, she wants to give it her best. For this, she has to stay in Mumbai. Her husband, Shailendra is a professional polo player and cannot leave Jaipur. This has forced the couple to stay in different cities. Despite living in different towns, the husband and the wife don’t find it difficult to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. Sangeeta ushered:

“Right now it's a long-distance marriage. Till the time the show is on air, it will remain like this. And I want to continue working; even he doesn't want to give up his profession. Polo happens for six months in a year, or maybe eight months. The rest of the time, he comes to Mumbai. I go to Rajasthan when I get time.”

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TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

According to Sangeeta, this kind of arrangement is perfect for people who are independent and free-spirited. She gushed:

“Every month, for about 15 days, we are together either in Mumbai or Jaipur. I tell him that it is a very nice arrangement...much better than staying together forever. It is brilliant for independent, free-spirited people. I can have a life-long companionship now. We are married but we are longing for each other. It is very nice space to be in where you are missing each other most of the time.”

Surprise surprise

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

Sangeeta and Shailendra live in different cities but when it comes to showing love to each other, geography never comes between their chemistry. Recently, Shailendra surprised Sangeeta in the most wonderful way on their wedding anniversary. They were in different cities and the polo player kept on telling his better half that he cannot make it which wasn’t true. He planned a special surprise made Sangeeta feel on top of the world. Sangeeta exclaimed:

“He is such an actor! He kept telling me, 'I am not coming, I am very busy'. I was hoping that he comes because my mother was also not there and I was all alone. He kept telling me until the last moment that he can't make it. So, I gave the date for shooting. I don't know how he managed this or who all were hand-in-glove with him to help him come and surprise me. When I entered the makeup room, I was shocked.”

Sangeeta and Shailendra are in a much in love couple. The husband and wife juggle between cities to keep their relationship strong. In a world where relationships fall apart so easily, they are setting an example for everyone. What do you think about such a sweet long-distance relationship? Let us know in the comments section below.

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