Fatima Sana Sheikh Talks About Her Epilepsy, Says, 'People In The Rural Areas Think Devi Chadh Gayi'

Actress, Fatima Sana Sheikh opens up about her neurological ailment, Epilepsy after she had a seizure on a plane.


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Fatima Sana Sheikh Talks About Her Epilepsy, Says, 'People In The Rural Areas Think Devi Chadh Gayi'

Dangal actress, Fatima Sana Sheikh opened up about her neurological condition, epilepsy after one of her recent episodes with the ailment left her in shock. The actress, who was travelling, started getting seizures on her flight. A medical facility at the airport rushed to help the actress, who was then hospitalised for two days.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Fatima recalled her condition and revealed why she got a big jhataka after her recent episode. The actress, who had five clusters of seizures, was travelling all alone. Calling it a difficult moment, Fatima stated:

“It kept my work and life on hold. For me this was a big jhatka, I really thought I’m lucky that I survived. I’ve had big episodes in the past, but this was the most difficult as I was all alone. Now I cannot travel alone, I need someone with me.”

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In the same interview, Fatima stated that it was only after the latest incident that she decided to open up about her condition. She also revealed that she had many reasons to hide her neurological condition as she thought that people might consider her weak or that her condition would affect her work. Fatima was in denial for some time because of the stigma attached to the illness.


Fatima also revealed that her recent faceoff with the ailment led the producers of the film, Sam Bahadur cancel the shoot for two days. Revealing why it is her responsibility to let the makers of the film know about her condition, Fatima said:

“I realised as a person who is going through this, it’s my responsibility to tell my producers that you have a person who has this condition. I have had seizures on set and people have taken care of it. I give them a certain protocol to follow.”

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Talking about her condition, Fatima also revealed how people in rural areas have a different take on the ailment as they call it devi chadh gayi. In her words:

“People in the rural areas think drugs kar liya, devi chadh gayi. Logon ki shaadiyan nahi hoti because people don’t know about it. They cannot work, because you become a liability. That is the reason I wasn’t talking much about it or telling anyone about it.”


On the work front, Fatima was last seen in the film, Thar!

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