Monsoon Special: Keep Your Feet Clean And Gorgeous With These 6 Easy DIY Tips


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Monsoon Special: Keep Your Feet Clean And Gorgeous With These 6 Easy DIY Tips

Monsoon is the season of love, romance, and fun, but at the same time we cannot ignore the sight of waterlogged streets, moist, dampness, etc. Although many of us enjoy this rainy season to the fullest, it can turn equally messy, in terms of healthy skin and foot related problems.

One may notice unexplained smelly and dirty feet during this season. Hence, this particular area demands the maximum care. So, here we have for you some tips for taking care of your feet during this monsoon season.

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#1. Proper footwear

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Avoid wearing shoes, sandals, bellies, etc that are front-closed. Many of us prefer wearing footwear according to fashion rather than the comfort. Wearing floaters, flip flops, plastic or rubber sandals can be quite feet-friendly during monsoon. Not only it keeps your feet dry, but also avoids any fungal infection that tends to thrive in damp and moist environments. So, avoid wearing high heels as it will just add to the risk of falling on slippery roads as well as into the hands of infections.

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#2. No open wounds

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Make sure that no wounds on your feet remain uncovered during monsoon, take extra precaution to keep them covered. Make use of water proof band aids or medicinal tape, so that the bacteria or other germs present in water or mud does not affect your feet/wound.

#3. Use anti-fungal powder

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Put on some anti-fungal powder around your heels and even at the space between your toes. This will keep your feet dry and avoid the growth of bacteria. It is advisable to avoid applying cream on feet as it creates dampness, thus leading to fungal infection.

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#4. Avoid going for pedicure

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It is better to avoid going for pedicure or spa during monsoon. Try to do it at home once in a week, if you desire it dearly. Avoid contact with water for long as it will create dampness and lead to fungal infection. Fish pedicure is a strict no-no during the monsoon season. But, if you want to go for pedicure outside, then make sure that the instruments are properly sterilised and clean.

#5. Apply foot mask

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It is not only the face that needs all the care! Feet too need some care.

Try this homemade mask:

Add some olive oil or lavender oil in multani mitti. Further, add a pinch of turmeric and dried neem powder as it will have anti-bacterial properties. Mix it all with warm water and apply it on clean feet. Try in at least twice a week you will get clean, soft feet.

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#6. Trim your nails

Long nails look beautiful and also add much oomph to your style. But, avoid keeping them too long in this particular season, as it will attract more dirt and bacteria. Try to keep them short and clean.

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Your feet carries around the entire weight and stress of your body, so they too need some pampering, especially during the monsoon season. So, follow the above tips, and keep your feet clean, gorgeous and free from infections. And, enjoy monsoon to the fullest!

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