10 Different Types Of Footwear For Brides To Wear For The Wedding, From Ballerinas To Sneakers

Having a comfortable footwear is essential for brides, as it should be both gorgeous and wearable. Well then, have a look at these different kinds of footwear for brides.


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10 Different Types Of Footwear For Brides To Wear For The Wedding, From Ballerinas To Sneakers

A wedding is one of the greatest moments in the lives of both brides and grooms, but an even more special feeling for the bride as she promises to bind the new and old relations together. While a lot of sentiment and nostalgia is attached to the bride's day, they make sure to look the very best and glamorous with a bright smile on their face.

From the venue to outfits, jewellery and all other arrangements, the brides leave no stone unturned in preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. However, above all is the necessity for perfect footwear since it will set the base for the bride's sheer comfort during all the celebrations. Well then, have a look at some of these footwear styles every bride should choose from.

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#1. Sandals


One of the most often-chosen footwear styles by the brides is a sandal. Known for their light weight, sandals come in various colours and styles. What’s more is that it can come with or without heels, depending upon the requirement. It is very easy to wear, and brides can effortlessly carry ahead their fashion statement with a pair of matching sandals. Bridal sandals are readily available in the market and are one of the most affordable kinds of footwear.

#2. Ballerinas


Reminiscent of every girl’s school days, ballerinas can be revoked as one of the most excellent pairs of footwear for your wedding. With its velvety exterior and comfortable in-step, ballerinas pair quite glamorously with the wedding outfit and make you feel almost like a princess from the fairytales. Furthermore, its flat and comfortable sole makes it easy for the bride to wear it for a long duration.

#3. Pumps


To add that extra highlight to an already glowing look, brides can team it up with a good pair of pumps as their footwear for the wedding. Apart from its embellished design and unique style, it complements the gorgeous heavy attire with a slight elevation. Pumps can be a handy option for brides who are comparatively short in height than their partners, making them look proportional to one another.

#4. Wedges


Wedges come as a great rescue for brides who are unsure of carrying a high heel during the wedding festivities. Essentially, it eliminates a pointed heel base and is broad at the bottom for a firm grip. Therefore, it becomes easy for the brides to carry it easily while doing almost anything from dancing to walking. Wedges can be of different styles, from simple to gorgeous, and find their fit in every foot.

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#5. Mules


Second to sandals, mules are one of the often-chosen footwear by many brides. They, too, are pretty easy to wear. They can be paired with almost all outfits and can be taken off hassle-free during any particular ritual. Their flat front is well-balanced with a slight heel on the rear, making it very comfortable for the brides who are the first-timers for heels. Mules are mostly chic in style and complement the overall look. Not just for the brides, mules are chosen by bridesmaids equally.

#6. Slip-ons

slip on

For the brides who want to go for a minimalist yet comfortable footwear choice, the slip-ons are a convenient option. Available as the most generic footwear in any market, these lessen the weight burden on your foot quite literally. They can be slipped on and off almost instantly and removes the hassle of strapping repeatedly. In addition, slip-ons have minimal banding on your foot, and making it feel almost carefree.

#7. Kolhapuris


The brides who wish to add tons of bling and sheer royalty to their final looks, Kolhapuris can be the perfect choice of footwear for them. Known for their unique and colourful bead and embroidery work, these shoes add a traditional aura to the complete bridal look. They can vary from wedges to pointed heels and even to simple flats. The intricate sequence work on them adds extra glow to your final look.

#8. Stillettos


One of the most loved and commonly bought shoes for their wedding day, brides often gear up in a gorgeous pair of
stillettos. Bringing a massive change to usual heels, these come with thin pointed heels that become the extra highlight to 
the entire wedding trosseau. Due to their height, these become a slight benefit for brides to handle their long flowing 
attire. Also, stillettos are comparatively light in weight, and add no extra burden on the foot.

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#9. Sneakers


It's time to twist the traditional bridal look into something cool and funky by opting for some really good cushiony sneakers. While ordinary sneakers might not fit the bill for your gorgeous Indian ensemble attire, you can choose a bridal sneaker as well. Flaunting your quirky personality, these sneakers are eye-catchy with their bling and provide the utmost comfort to your foot. For those worrying about the hassle of laces, there is also an option for lace-free sneakers, which make them quite easy to wear and remove.

#10. ‘Juttis’


For the traditional brides who wish to flaunt the true spirit of an Indian wedding, ‘juttis’ are an excellent choice of footwear. Originating from the states of Punjab and Rajasthan, these add the perfect ‘desi’ vibe to your look and showcase all things royal. Matching almost all colours, ‘juttis’ are quite elegant to look at and are made of different materials. In addition, some of the ‘juttis’ come with unique embroidery work, making it the show stunner in no time.

Well, team brides, tell us which of these choices of footwear would you go for on your wedding?

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