Giorgia Andriani Opens Up On Spending Time With Her Beau, Arbaaz Khan Amidst The Lockdown

Giorgia Andriani, who is spending her quarantine with her boyfriend, Arbaaz Khan, opened up on how her lockdown days are going and her marriage rumours. Check it out below!


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Giorgia Andriani Opens Up On Spending Time With Her Beau, Arbaaz Khan Amidst The Lockdown

The famous song of Beatles from 1960, 'All you need is love, love is all you need', has become the mantra for young and not-so-young couples homebound amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. No, really! Who would have imagined that life will come to a halt because of a virus and quarantining will become 'a way of living' to stay safe? But no matter what, we all are thankful for having a home and having a family to be with amidst a deadly virus on the loose. The pandemic has become a crisis for the entire world but it has also increased intimacy amongst the couple. And a perfect example of it is Bollywood couple, Arbaaz Khan and his girlfriend, Giorgia Andriani, who are spending their quarantine together. (Recommend Read: 'Saamdhan' Sharmila Tagore Writes About 'Saamdhi' Rishi Kapoor's Death, Says, Could Not Say Goodbye)

For those who don't know, Arbaaz Khan was married to Malaika Arora. However, the duo parted ways after living together for 18 years. But the ex-couple has proved that divorce is not an end of one’s life, but rather it is a new start to it. But they haven't forgotten to value their old relationship, in fact, they come together time-to-time to be a part of each other's celebration for their 16-year-old kid, Arhaan Khan. The two have moved on in life as Arbaaz Khan has accepted his relationship with Giorgia Andriani and Malaika Arora has revealed the name of her mystery man i.e. Arjun Kapoor. And their respective partners also adore their son, Arhaan. 

Arbaaz and Malaika and Arhaan

Amidst the global pandemic, Giorgia and Arbaaz decided to quarantine together. Recently, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Giorgia shared how her lockdown with Arbaaz is going. When she was asked whether this time has helped her know Arbaaz better, the diva shared, "We have already spent a lot of time together in the past so I had already known him very well."

Giorgia also answered the burning question of her marriage with Arbaaz and the rumours surrounding it. She stated, "People may assume whatever they want. But I am quite serene as a person, so if and when that (marriage with Arbaaz) will happen, I would definitely let everybody know. I don’t have any problem with that. In the meantime, they can think whatever they want. I don’t own anybody’s mind." (Also Read: Shoaib Ibrahim's Befitting Reply To A Fan Asking When He And Dipika Kakar Are Planning A Baby)

Arbaaz Khan Is Making It Official With Girlfriend Giorgia Andriani

Last month, on April 21, 2020, Giorgia had shared a hilarious video with her boyfriend, Arbaaz Khan from their time together. She had ignited her inner barber as she shaved her beau's beard. In the funny video, we could see her shaving his unkempt bear and Arbaaz had also given a thumbs up to it. Along with the adorable video, Giorgia had written, “Being a barber or being barbaric!? What say? #Quarantine #Mood #Fun #Boredin the house.”

Earlier, n an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Arbaaz had opened up on his relationship status and had shared, “If I had to hide my affair, I would not have brought it in open. I unhesitatingly admit that Georgia is there in my life at this point in time. Somebody who I have at his time in my life is a friend who I am also dating. Where it is going to go? Only time will tell. Yes, undoubtedly, we are together.”

The actor had also shared how Giorgia has made his life happier, “When you are living alone then you tend to take life casually. You can either change for the better or probably for the worst. You can get addicted to a bottle or you may think that there is nothing left in your life. Fortunately, I was not in that mindset and my partner encourages me to remain positive and go ahead in life.” (Don't Miss: Jeetendra Expresses His Feelings On Making Digital Debut With Daughter, Ekta Kapoor's Show 'Baarish')

Well, we love Giorgia and Arbaaz's chemistry! What about you?

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