7-Step Simple Diet Plan For Patients To Recover From COVID-19, Improve Immunity And Overall Health

COVID-19 takes away the smell and taste of the patients and they become weak at the same time. However, they can follow this diet plan to recover quickly.


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7-Step Simple Diet Plan For Patients To Recover From COVID-19, Improve Immunity And Overall Health

COVID-19 has affected lakhs of individuals by now and it is essential for you to take care of yourself in such difficult times. We all know how deadly the virus has been. If the virus has recently taken a toll on you, besides the medicines and multivitamins, you need to have a balanced diet to boost your immune system. Boosting your immunity system will help you to recover from the deadly virus and the damage it has done to your body.

The National Health Service (NHS) recommends that people who, recently recovered from COVID-19 need more energy, proteins, minerals, and vitamins to fasten the recovery process, strengthening the immunity back and rebuild stamina and energy. While no food can prevent the onset of the deadly virus, maintaining your immune system to make you battle-ready is imperative. If the virus takes shelter in your lungs, then it could be more harmful. Therefore, once you detect the early symptoms, make sure that it does not spread to your lungs. Your body needs more energy and fluids at such a crucial time, and what would be better than a nutrient-rich diet? According to the guidelines given by the Government of India, here is a five-step sample meal plan that Covid positive patients can follow and make their recovery quick.

Five-step meal plan as recommended by the Centre

#1. Early morning immunity booster drink

Immunity boosting drink

The way you start the day affects the pace of the entire day. After waking up, the first thing you can have is an immunity booster drink. You can add turmeric roots, raw grated ginger, honey, basil or tulsi leaves, black pepper, cloves, lemon juice. Have 5-6 soaked almonds and 4-5 raisins. You can also have one fig, prune or a date.

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#2. Break your fast with something heavy

A healthy bowl of oats for breakfast

You can include ragi dosa or a bowl of porridge in your breakfast. Your breakfast can also include oat cereal with almond milk. A teaspoon of jaggery and flax seeds or chia seeds would make a wholesome bowl for breakfast and keep you full for a long time. You can also include multigrain bread, one full egg along with few egg whites, and half an avocado. Some days a bowl of boiled moong dal sprouts would also be perfect for giving a treat to your taste buds. Celebrity dietician, Rujuta Diwekar recommends the inclusion of good quality of protein in your meal. You can include dal parathas, besan chilla, egg frankie, chicken cutlets, fish fingers in your breakfast. 

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#3. Include all sources of nutrients in your lunch 

A bowl of chicken soup for dinner

While having lunch, make sure that you include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, which are rich in dietary fibre. Celebrity nutritionist, Pooja Makhija recommends rice or brown rice/jeera rice/vegetable pulao, along with dal or any other lentils, a bowl of green leafy vegetable, another bowl of vegetable that is a rich source of protein such as chickpea or soybeans can be included in your lunch. One cup of curd to finish off the lunch and it will be perfect for boosting your immunity system because of the good bacteria. 

#4. Satiate your hunger pangs post-lunch

Post lunch

A spoon of jaggery with ghee is helpful to boost your immunity. You can also have it along with roti. Celebrity nutritionist, Nmami Agarwal recommends the consumption of two pieces of dates post-lunch. 

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#5. Keep your dinner minimal

Diet for dinner

Dietician, Rujuta Diwekar suggests you to have plain khichdi for dinner. This will help you in getting better sleep. A rice chicken vegetable bowl will be filling and suffice you for dinner. Garlic has strong fighting mechanisms, so you can have garlic roti with mixed vegetables or paneer bhurji. All of these are filling and healthy options that would help you to combat the deadly virus easily. 

Ways to boost your immunity and fight the deadly virus

#1. Maximise the fluid intake

Fluids to consume

Having 4-5 litres of water is mandatory, and apart from that, homemade lemon juice and buttermilk would help you get something for your taste buds. Coconut water is also very much vital for the immune system. Avoid packed juice, caffeine, and fizzy drinks when you are recovering from Covid. 

#2. Additional things to keep yourself fit

Dark chocolates

Lastly, the Centre has suggested the consumption of dark chocolate, turmeric milk, and herbal tea made from basil, cinnamon, black pepper, and dry ginger. The government also suggests that it is important to engage in regular physical activity such as yoga and breathing exercises, as per tolerance.

Hope this diet would be helpful for all the people out there and we wish them a speedy recovery. Also, you can let us know in the comments that how are you trying to keep yourself healthy in this pandemic.

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