Pregnancy Symptoms: 9 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms: 9 Early Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Most of us in this generation must have grown up with faint memories of epic dialogues like khatta khane ka man kar rah hai or paaon bhari ho gaya hai in our Hindi movies. Or, the scenes when heroines rush to the washroom to puke and the entire family gets into a celebration mode. This is how pregnancy is predicted and announced in our movies.

Well, being a little filmy is nice, but with pregnancy, it is suggested to listen to the science prophecy too. After all motherhood is not just a joyous feeling, it is a crucial phase as well. The expecting mother should know everything about this development right from the beginning so that nothing goes wrong.

Here are the top nine early signs that might hint that a new life is growing within you.

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#1. A missed period

Pregnancy Symptoms

Some early pregnancy symptoms can be observed around the time one misses a monthly mensuration cycle or a week or two later. 70% women experience early pregnancy signs by the time they are 6 weeks along. It is an easy sign to observe, especially if you are pretty regular on your periods.

#2. Light bleeding or blood spots

Light bleeding Pregnancy Symptoms

When you are planning a pregnancy, the last thing you would like to spot is vaginal bleeding. Nothing to worry! Just around the time when you are expecting your period, if you see light spotting, it could be implantation bleeding. Reasons unknown, the common belief says that it happens due to the fertilised egg settling into the lining of the uterus.

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However, one must also keep it in mind, spotting happens during the first trimester. But sometimes it's a symptom of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy (also known as tubal pregnancy is when the embryo attaches outside the uterus). So, do consult a doctor.

#3. Aversion to certain food

Pregnancy Symptoms

Just few weeks in pregnancy, you might develop a strong dislike to certain flavours, especially like coffee, cheese or meat. Don’t worry, it is natural. There are some specific aromas which can set off gag reflex. The food aversion varies from person to person. Some even tend to dislike their most relished delicacies. The reasons are not known yet completely, but it is thought to be due to sudden and fast-escalating estrogen amounts in the system.

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#4. Nausea

Pregnant woman suffering from nausea

Again it is person specific. While a few experience morning sickness as early as two weeks, while for others nausea doesn't hit until about a month or two after conception. At the same time, pregnancy related nausea is not just about morning, it can be a problem during noon and night too.

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#5. Mood swings

Mood swings during pregnancy

If you see there is a sudden change in your mental/emotional state and you are having tremendous mood swings without reason, you might be on the family way. This happens partly due to the hormonal changes that affect neurotransmitters.

#6. Bloating of abdomen

Bloating abdomen

Your regular jeans which was fitting well till a couple of weeks back, is now sitting tight on your waist. You notice abdominal bloating and it is not due to hogging or weight gain. Blame the hormonal changes. Chances are high you have conceived. Some women experience abdominal bloating just before the periods.

#7. High basal body temperature

increase in lower body temperature

There is an elevation in your basal body temperature and it stays for 18 days in a row, looks like, you are in the process of motherhood.

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#8. Sore breasts

Sore Breasts Pregnancy Symptoms

Sensitive and swollen breasts is another sign which can be taken into consideration. This soreness is a blown up version of how you experience before your period. Usually, the uneasiness goes away significantly after the first trimester.

#9. Recurrent urination

Frequent call of washroom

Post pregnancy and at the early stage the alteration in hormones trigger a series of events which in return increase the blood flow rate through kidneys. The result is that your bladder fills up fast and you take a leak more frequently than your nature's call. This symptom can be witnessed as early as six weeks into the first trimester. It will continue or even increase as you reach the advanced stage.

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Motherhood is a development which thoroughly changes the body system of a woman. The early you get confirmed about your pregnancy, the better care you can take of yourself and the new life flourishing in your womb. Observe the early symptoms and enjoy a nine-month life changing journey.

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