5 Amazing Ideas For A 'Bahu' This Diwali To Get Into Her In-Laws' Good Books


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5 Amazing Ideas For A 'Bahu' This Diwali To Get Into Her In-Laws' Good Books

Diwali 2017 is here! Yes! And we’ve all the reason to celebrate. People go shopping, buy sweets, new clothes, firecrackers, and fairy lights. But one thing that’s the most important in any Diwali is the value of relationships that come with it. Let’s add more love, charm and happiness this Diwali.

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Speaking of relationships, a bahu in her in-laws’ home is the most pivotal member of the family. After all, she is the one to bring the most happiness in the family. And she is expected to do everything to impress and make her in-laws happy. Not that we, at BollywoodShaadis, propagate or support the idea that a newly-wed or a bride is meant to impress her in-laws; but, if she can, in all her will, Diwali celebrations become even more eventful and memorable. So let’s look at a few ideas as to how can the bahus add an extra happiness in their in-laws’ family this Diwali.

#1. Get into your mother-in-law’s good books

Impress Your In-Laws This Diwali

Yes! It’s not a cake walk to impress your mother-in-law. While she is preparing for the big day, while she is prepping up for the big puja, while she is shopping, cleaning the house and doing all other things, you may as well lend your hand to her and help her in everything that she does in preparation of Diwali.

#2. Go shopping with them

Impress Your In-Laws This Diwali

It’s an amazing idea to take your father and mother-in-law for shopping. Why not buy a gorgeous saree for your mother-in-law and a kurta pyjama for your father-in-law! That would be such a good gesture, and would definitely leave them heartening.

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#3. Organize a house party and invite your in-laws’ friends

Impress Your In-Laws This Diwali

Diwali is dull without a house party. Yes, you’ve to organize a house party, and wouldn’t it be amazing that you especially invite the friends of your in-laws? And not just the friends of your father and mother-in-law but also sister and brother-in-law. Just ensure that your in-laws’ house is all filled with love and happiness on the Diwali night.

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#4. Decorate your house all by yourself

Impress Your In-Laws This Diwali

Of course, it’s a ritual to completely clean your house before Diwali. If you’re at your in-laws, make sure that everything is cleaned up, from cars to beds, from kitchen to linen. Never make your in-laws work or help you while you’re indulged in cleaning up the home. That would definitely leave a good impression about you.

#5. Make a list and cook everyone’s favourite dishes

Impress Your In-Laws This Diwali

Yes, ensure that you’ve done your scoop and know, at your fingertips, what all your in-laws love to eat. From mother-in-law to brother-in-law, make sure that you prepare their favourite dishes this Diwali and leave no stone unturned to fulfil their appetite in the most loved and delicious manner.

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So, here’re we’re! All the bahus out there, we hope you’ve taken some notes from above. Bang on and make this Diwali the most memorable ones with your in-laws. Do let us know in the comments section below if this article was at all helpful for you and it they made your in-laws happy.

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