K-Pop Idols, Yulhee And Minhwan's Divorce Reason: One Is An Alcoholic And Another Is A Stubborn Mom

South Korean pop idol, Yulhee and Minhwan shocked the masses by announcing their divorce. Now, a video has surfaced online where the ex-couple is seen fighting and gaslighting each other.


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K-Pop Idols, Yulhee And Minhwan's Divorce Reason: One Is An Alcoholic And Another Is A Stubborn Mom

Upholding and maintaining relationships is one of the world's most challenging jobs, which is why not everyone comes out with flying colours when it comes to the test of time in a relationship. Some couples fail in the long run and decide to go separate ways, and this is precisely the case of South Korean pop idols, Yulhee and Minhwan. After much hesitation, the married couple of five years have decided to call it quits, and it made us wonder what must have been the reason.

Choi Min-hwan, aka Minhwan, is a South Korean singer, musician, writer, drummer and actor who is also the youngest member of his boy band, F.T. Island. Choi Min-hwan is the band's lead drummer and the occasional vocalist. Yulhee, on the other hand, is a former member of the famous K-pop girl band, LABOUM. She was the lead singer of the band, and her vocal prowess was much appreciated.

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Yulhee and Minhwan, in a throwback video, point out each other’s flaws

The former couple, Yulhee and Minhwan in September 2022, appeared on channel A’s couple reality show, Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counselling Center, where the duo revealed insights into their marriage and openly discussed each other’s flaws. The couple accepted that they have communication differences and that their parenting styles do not align. Minhwan divulged that Yulhee is stubborn and spoils their children by giving them whatever they demand. He also added:

“My wife is stubborn. She’s willing to take the kids to a kindergarten far away because it is good. It takes us an hour and a half to take them to school. My wife buys anything my children want.”

Minhwan was seen gaslighting Yulhee into believing that everything was her fault, to which the latter defended herself by saying that she tried to do what was best for her children. Although it is far away, Yulhe revealed that the school has amenities that help her children learn new skills. And she was not so well off growing up, so she wants her kids to have everything they desire. Yulhee further adds:

“They are teaching ballet and English there at the same time. It costs 8 million won per month for our children’s education. My family was not well-off in the past. So I am making up for the same.”

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Yulhee divulged that Minhwan drinks more than two bottles of wine every day

Divulging deeper into their conflicts, Yulhee added that Minhwan drinks two bottles of wine every day, which aggravates his emotions and makes him upset. This habit of Minhwan angers Yulhee and the duo often fight over it. The host adds that this friction between the couple is due to their communication gaps, which they should work on. Yulhee further added:

“My husband drinks more than two bottles every day, and when he drinks, he gets upset. Then I get angry.”

Let us know your views on the revelations made by Yulhee and Minhwan.

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