Karan Johar Reveals Rishi Kapoor Was Angry With Deepika For Saying Ranbir Should Endorse 'Condoms'

Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor's infamous comments on Ranbir Kapoor about endorsing a condom brand and working on boyfriend skills had angered his father, Rishi Kapoor. Read on!


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Karan Johar Reveals Rishi Kapoor Was Angry With Deepika For Saying Ranbir Should Endorse 'Condoms'

Bollywood biggies spilling the tea, catfights, awkward confessions, and of course, the famous rapid-fire, followed by the gift-hamper, have been the sole reason for fans to rank Koffee With Karan among one of the most entertaining ones. The chat show has birthed uncountable controversies over the years and has been the biggest newsmaker in the entertainment beat. Who can forget Salman Khan’s virginity claims, Kangana Ranaut’s fierce take on nepotism and Hardik Pandya’s nasty remarks on women? 

Well, another episode of season 3 had sparked controversy, in which Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor had taken a dig at their mutual ex-boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor, on the couch of Koffee With Karan. When Karan asked Deepika which brand Ranbir should endorse, the actress said, “endorse a condom brand,” and frozen. She had also added that Ranbir needed to work on his boyfriend skills. Moreover, Sonam mentioned that she was unsure if Ranbir would be a good boyfriend. Their comments implied that the actor was unfaithful. 

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In a recent interview with IANS, Karan Johar revealed that Deepika and Sonam’s bold statements on Ranbir Kapoor had saddened his father, Rishi Kapoor. The situation had got out of hand, and Karan had to step in to solve the tiff between them. In his words:

“Many times, it has happened that I had to step in to douse the fire after rapid-fire. I remember when Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came to the show and spoke whatever they had to, Chintu ji (Rishi Kapoor) was very upset. I had to step in to make things alright. I have shows banned and taken off the air, which I felt terrible for.”


Karan Johar, a supremo of Dharma productions, shares a relaxed camaraderie with many A-listers. And this is the reason why many Bollywood stars open up in front of him quite comfortably. While talking to Hrishikesh Kanan, Karan had shared that in the infamous episode of Koffee With Karan, Deepika and Sonam had overstated facts about Ranbir, which he should not have allowed. He had stated:

“I remember when Sonam and Deepika came together many seasons ago, I had a feeling ‘oops’ they’ve overstated things and I have also allowed it. I had a feeling about that, but now with time, we are all being extra careful.”

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Earlier, in an interaction with a media portal, Rishi Kapoor had indirectly slammed his son, Ranbir’s ex-girlfriends, Deepika and Sonam for showing him in a bad light on national television. The late actor had advised them to behave maturely and think twice before running someone down. Rishi Kapoor could be quoted as saying:

“It just shows their class. I would like to tell them to stop giggling all the time and instead grow up and behave maturely. They are there on the show because they are their father`s daughters and not because of their work! I would advise them to stop talking about their colleagues and running them down.”


What do you think of Deepika and Sonam’s comments on Ranbir? Let us know! 

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