Karan Johar Says Successful Actors Use Nepotism As Tool, Netizens Think He Targeted Parineeti Chopra

Recently, Karan Johar and Rajkummar Rao engaged in the insider vs. outsider debate during their conversation. Netizens responded saying the filmmaker took a dig at Parineeti Chopra.


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Karan Johar Says Successful Actors Use Nepotism As Tool, Netizens Think He Targeted Parineeti Chopra

Jahnvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao recently engaged in a candid conversation with Karan Johar on Dharma Productions’ YouTube channel. The two, who have been actively promoting their upcoming film, Mr. & Mrs. Mahi, openly discussed their personal and professional lives with the filmmaker. During the conversation, KJo posed a thought-provoking question to Rajkummar about the insider-outsider dynamics in the industry. The filmmaker asked if outsiders, like himself, have anger and angst against the privileges that insiders of the industry get, and inquired about the actor’s genuine thoughts on it.

Karan Johar says immensely successful actors are claiming that they lost opportunities due to star kids and not attending parties

Rajkummar, while answering KJo’s question, said that he doesn’t care where one comes from as long as the actor is talented, and highlighted that being an insider helps to bag the first 2-3 opportunities sooner, but after that, only work would speak. After this, Karan mentioned that lately, he has been watching interviews of popular celebrities saying that they lost opportunities due to star kids and stating that they did not bag good offers as they weren’t present at ‘certain parties’. In KJo’s words:

“I have recently seen some interviews of actors, I’m not mentioning names here, but sometimes they are using it as a tool to make a headline. Immensely successful people, who have given successful films are saying, ‘Oh, I felt victimised, I felt like an outsider, and I lost opportunities to a star kid’ or somebody saying that I didn’t attend a party that’s why I didn’t get a role. I have been to various parties myself, I have thrown them myself, I don’t know which party I actually offered a role to an actor and what’s this camps and circles, what the hell does this mean?”

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Rajkummar Rao responds that he has even lost an opportunity due to a star kid

When Karan posed such a question to Rajkummar during the conversation, the actor revealed that when he started out in Bombay, people would tell him to attend parties and events to make contacts. The actor also mentioned that he never got a film offer at a party and shared that he was supposed to do a film, but overnight, that role went to some star kid. Recalling his experience, Rajkummar said:

"When I came to Mumbai, even I was told that ‘you have to attend parties’. Making contacts is not a problem, but you're not going to a party and going to say, ‘Hi I am here to make contact’. That's not going to happen. But having said that, I was supposed to do a film, but then suddenly I was not in that film overnight. Somebody who is known and happened to be a star kid got that part. In my mind, I was like it was not fair. Just because you can control things, you know some people, you can make calls. But yes, this has happened."

Netizens think Karan Johar is referring to Parineeti Chopra’s recent interviews

An Instagram page shared this same excerpt from the interview, hinting that Karan Johar might be discussing Parineeti Chopra’s interviews, which she gave after the release of Imtiaz Ali’s film, Amar Singh Chamkila. In many such interactions, Parineeti has repeatedly mentioned that she does not attend lunches or dinners where opportunities are created or those roles are discussed. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Parineeti Chopra had said: 

“I am just saying that there are camps, there are circles, there are favourites. Two people who are similarly talented, who can bring the same thing to the table, one will be a favourite, and one will be not, and the one who is not will lose the work opportunity, which is why I really urge that this becomes a meritocracy.”

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As soon as the video was shared on the social media platform, netizens took to the comment section of the post and shared their thoughts on the insider vs. outsider debate in Bollywood. One user said, “Kjo doesn't like when he gets exposed. Gets defensive.” Another one wrote, “Karan Johar shouldn't act like things don't happen at a Party. Parineeti was absolutely right. Parties are meant for networking, Karan knows it is true. He has Alia all over his universe, that's why can never accept any criticism.” A third user penned, “Karan aunty is right, he didn't offer or create opportunities at the party. Instead, he actually went to star kid homes and offered them a script for his next film.”

Check out the video here.

What are your thoughts on this insider vs. outsider debate in Bollywood, and Karan Johar’s discussion with Rajkummar Rao?

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