Have You Ever Heard About 'Knife Massage'? This Unique Massage Can Do Wonders To Your Skin And Body


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Have You Ever Heard About 'Knife Massage'? This Unique Massage Can Do Wonders To Your Skin And Body

Beauty, fitness and health have no rules when it comes to experimenting. At times it can be horrible, and other times, it can be laughable but this time it’s like ending up in a hell (Not literally). Meet the new, edgy and sharper health hack which is making waves in Taiwan. The therapists and masseurs here are chopping off your ache and stress away using a steel meat cleaver or a knife. They take you down the journey of massage, beautiful skin and relaxation by putting you under a knife. This sounds terrible. Isn’t it?

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Let’s introduce you to this bizarre wellness and beauty fad which is trending in China and Japan too but a hit in northern Taiwan. The knife massage is an ancient technique that originated in China 2000 years ago. This cutting edge process that involves cleavers is no doubt a terrifying image but for Taiwanese, it’s heavenly. So, next time when you visit Taiwan or Japan and decide to sign up for the spiky thing, here is what you need to be familiar with.

The history and origin

Blade Massage

The traditional therapy was used by Buddhist monks to cure illness and dull skin. People in China have been undertaking knife massages since 770 BC-476 BC in the Chinese history. Back then, people suffering from diseases like sore muscles, diabetes, kidney problems, skin disorders and other mysterious illnesses would ease their needs with the knife therapy. From China, it later got spread to Japan and Taiwan.

The magic of blades, the sharp results

Blade Massage

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Initially, you might fear the crazy idea of being subjected to a prickly object but soon you will be daring enough to battle the blows. And no wonder, the results will be sharper yet tender. Here are few of the healing rewards that can make the uncomfortable method look appealing.

  • It makes your body parts tender, soft and relaxed.
  • The tool reaches deep into the muscles, improves blood circulation and gives you a youthful glow.
  • The therapy also helps unlock your acupuncture points. 
  • The knife strikes off negative energy from the body.
  • The thumping process offers immense relief from sore muscles.  
  • Methodical series of chopping motions bring an instant glow to your facial muscles. 
  • The heavy blades feel like a heaven when gently smacked on your palms, back or soul.
  • It washes away harmful toxins too.

The reasons look good enough to understand that the method is not as painful as it sounds. What say?

The technique that makes it tender

Blade Massage

The massage-with-a-knife phenomenon is also called Dao Liao. The steel blade of the knife creates wonders on your skin instead of wounds.  And that’s because of the watchful technique they follow. 
The knife is made blunt on a wet stone and then iodine is rubbed all over the blade. The practitioners also go for a heavy-in-weight device that reaches deeper into the tissues without causing a scar or pain. The chopping routine involves using two knives at a go.

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As per the practitioners, the idea is to transfer the positive energy into client’s mind and body. Therapist Yan Hsu-ling, said this in an interview.

"We always tell clients it's not about how hard you are being hit; it's also about the transfer of energy, the transfer of chi"

They also apply a thin sheet of clothing between the client and the blade that works as a shield. 

Slashes away pain, not your safety

Blade Massage

The sharp device that takes away your stress and skin problem is surprisingly very much safe and secured. That there is no blood involved goes without saying. Also, there is no scar, pain or injury after the sessions. There is that right amount of force by the experts and masters which won’t hurt you. The weight and thickness of the blades are watched and varies as per different clients. 

You are in safe hands- The experts

Blade Massage

Those who perform this massage technique undergo years of training and experience before being handed over the device. There are strict criteria too like hands should be balanced and the attendants must have right metaphysical stuff etc. As per the rules, they should have positivity in themselves, so that it reaches to the clients. New masseurs should be good with blades and thumps. Moreover, they first practise on bedding, then to fellow mates.

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The cost- Not your life for sure

Blade Massage

Getting yourself tenderized for 10 minutes would cost you anywhere around $10 to $40. The longer sessions or full body massage can even cost up to $80 to $100.

Well, the technique that sounds dangerous and looks like hell has actually turned out to be heavenly and can make you feel on the seventh heaven. But don’t rush into this life-changing procedure. Before going-on-board, make sure you consult your doctor or your beautician. Even though it is blood-free, scar-free and harmless, asking your beauty expert is a must.

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