Krushna Abhishek Talks About His Feud With 'Mama', Govinda, Says It's Not For Media Publicity

Krushna Abhishek revealed that Govinda and he will always be family and stated that their feud is not to garner media glares. Read on to know what he has to say!


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Krushna Abhishek Talks About His Feud With 'Mama', Govinda, Says It's Not For Media Publicity

Krushna Abhishek has garnered a lot of popularity from his comic stint at The Kapil Sharma Show but to begin with, Krushna is Bollywood's veteran actor, Govinda's nephew. But over the years, Krushna has been hitting the headlines for his ongoing feud with his dear mamaji, Govinda. 

Their indifference had first made it to the media when Krushna, who is a part of The Kapil Sharma Show, had refused to perform on the show when his uncle, Govinda, was invited as the guest. Their spat had taken such an ugly turn that Govinda's wife, Sunita, had even said that she does not want to see Krushna's face ever. Recently, Krushna expressed that he wished for their feud to get resolved.

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In an interview with The Indian Express, Krushna dismissed the fact that their feud is a publicity stunt. He even said that Govinda is a much bigger star than him and they don't need media publicity. He shared:

"Why will I need publicity like this? I don't need this. And Govinda mama is a bigger star than me. We don't need such controversies in our lives. It will only do us more harm."


Further going in the conversation, Krushna shared that Govinda said a few things that had hurt him and made him angry. However, the comedian considers himself as Govinda's own son. Krushna said:

"Sometimes things go out of our control. I will accept that a few of his statements hurt me, and I even got angry. I responded to that and it becomes news and this goes on hampering our relationship. However, I must add that I am like his own son. I might get upset over some things, but we will always be family." 


Krushna further defended Govinda against all the trolls for his music video and stated that he will always be Krushna's hero. He expressed:

“No matter what people say, no matter how much they troll him, he is still the best. Govinda still has the fire in him and can do wonders. He will always be my hero, inspiration and I’ll keep looking up to him.”

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krushna govinda

In one of the episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show, Krushna had shared that the feud might get resolved in the future. The comedian had even mentioned that he had learnt everything from his mama, Govinda. Krushna had shared:

“Maine jo kuch bhi seekha hai unhi se seekha hai. Yeh alag baat hai woh mereko chote miyan nahi maante hai. Theek hai, koi baat nahi, family hai, chalta rehta hai. Karenge baat, solve hoga, koi problem nahi."


We hope the mama-bhanja puts an end to their feud!

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