Krushna Abhishek On Why His 'Mama', Govinda Carried Him On His Shoulders For 6 Hours To Vaishno Devi

In a recent interview with a leading news portal, Krushna Abhishek talked about the role his 'mama', Govinda played in his life since his birth and shared an emotional anecdote about the same.


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Krushna Abhishek On Why His 'Mama', Govinda Carried Him On His Shoulders For 6 Hours To Vaishno Devi

Popular comedian, Krushna Abhishek talked about his mama, Govinda, in a recent interview and shared a series of beautiful things that had happened between them in the past. From revealing the beautiful connection between Govinda and his birth to opening up about his bond with his mami, Sunita Ahuja, the doting nephew got a bit emotional during the interview. This isn't the first time, when Krushna is talking about his mama-mami, but what's interesting is the things he has revealed about them, and it spoke volumes about their bond as a family.

For the unversed, Krushna Abhishek and Govinda's feud had taken a controversial turn in 2018, when Krushna's wife and actress, Kashmera Shah had tweeted about people, who 'dance for money', which was reportedly dedicated towards Govinda. After which, the iconic actor's wife Sunita Ahuja had lashed out at Kashmera and had even said that she did not want to see Krushna's face ever.

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In an interview with the ETimes, Krushna Abhishek shared some of the biggest unknown secrets about his life, including his late mother, Padma and his mama, Govinda. Krushna was asked to open up about the impact of Govinda in his life and what was it like growing up with him. Answering this, Krushna stated that not many people are aware that he was born due to Govinda's mannat at the famous Vaishno Devi temple. Reflecting on the same, Krushna also added that his mama had also made a promise that he'll come back with his sister's child to the temple and would bring the child on his shoulders for the entire 6-hour-long journey. Well, the actor had kept his promise and recalling the same, Krushna had said:

"People don't know that I was born due to his mannat. I was born 10 years after my parent's marriage. My mother raised Chi Chi mama. She used to cradle him and he loved him. My mother wanted him to be a star. When my mother passed away and her body was lifted, I heard, they found Govinda mama's photo. Chi Chi Mama went to Vaishno devi to offer his prayers that if my mother has a baby, he will carry the baby on his shoulders for six hours and visit the temple. Amazingly, in a year I was conceived. When I was four or five year old, he carried my on his shoulders to Vaishno Devi."

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Going further in the interview, Krushna Abhishek was asked about his equation with his mama, Govinda's wife, Sunita Ahuja. On this, the doting nephew stated that although he doesn't share the same blood with his mami, but she has always supported him at every step of his life. The comedian also heaped immense praises on his mami, Sunita, for letting him stay with them for almost 7-8 years. Recalling all the things Sunita had done for him, Krushna says that he knows how much his mami loves him, and that is why she can scold him whenever she thinks he is going out of track. Krushna explained:

"I just want my kids to play with my mama, mami. I miss that. I know even he remembers me. My mami is a wonderful woman. My mama is my blood but I don't share the same blood with my mami. But she let us stay with them for 7-8 years. Who will tolerate that? My aunt has loved and supported us. I remember she had given me a room and carved my name in the soap box. She loved me so much and that's why she has every right to scold me. She can slap me. They have all the right."

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At the end of the interview, Krushna Abhishek also addressed the much-made claim that it was his mama, Govinda, who had helped him make his name in the entertainment industry. Refuting these claims and speculations, Krushna clearly stated that his mama had never helped him in terms of his profession, as he had always wanted him to make a name for himself all on his own. However, Krushna added that it was his father, Atmaprakash Sharma, who had sold their house for his dreams and had decided to take the whole family into a single room. Praising his father for his sacrifices, an emotional Krushna said:

"It was an amazing journey for me in films. People think I am Govinda's nephew. Govinda was a superstar and he still is. He was his own league. People thought, since I am his nephew, I am born with a silver spoon. I didn't even have a bowl. It's a different fact that he helped us a lot. I would go to shoots with Chi Chi mama. I wanted to become an actor since childhood. My father sold off his Juhu flat because we didn't have money. We then took a 1 room kitchen and started living there."

On the professional front, Krushna Abhishek is currently seen in the popular comedy-reality show, The Kapil Sharma Show!

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