Late Vinod Mehra's Wife, Kiran On Husband's Relationship With Rekha, Calls The Actress Her 'Family'

Late legendary actor, Vinod Mehra's wife, Kiran Mehra, shared details about their love story in her latest interview and addressed her husband's relationship with Rekha. Find out!


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Late Vinod Mehra's Wife, Kiran On Husband's Relationship With Rekha, Calls The Actress Her 'Family'

The iconic actor, late Vinod Mehra, who had gone way too soon, is still one of the most loved and famous actors of all time. Vinod had a beautiful face and a handsome personality, and it was hard for his co-stars not to fall in love with his charisma. Apart from his illustrious career and many memorable roles in over 100 films, it was his personal life that had often garnered him immense judgement and attention. Vinod's relationship with ever-so-gorgeous actress, Rekha is still regarded as one of the most discussed and famous real-life love stories in Indian cinema.

Now, in an interview with a leading news portal, Vinod Mehra's wife, Kiran Mehra, opened up about his relationship with Rekha and revealed some surprising facts about her bond with the actress. Kiran also shared details of her and Vinod's love story and marriage in the candid conversation.

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Vinod Mehra's Love Life

In an interview with ETimes, iconic actor, late Vinod Mehra's wife, Kiran Mehra opened up on her husband's much-discussed relationship with Rekha, the doting wife took the question bravely on her chin and labelled her as a 'fantastic person'. In her revelation, Kiran admitted that Rekha was the person who had remained in Vinod's life till the very end. Calling Rekha a 'family friend', Kiran Mehra shared some surprising details about her bonding with her husband's ex-girlfriend. She said:

"Let me tell you- the person who remained in his life till his end is Rekha. She was like a family member and I still look up to her as a friend. Rekha is a wonderful person, very loving and forgiving. She even attended our marriage. If I meet her today, I will give her the tightest hug. I know her mother and sisters. I am not comparing myself to someone who's so high up there- but actually, Rekha and I are very similar."

Vinod Mehra Kiran Mehra Rekha

Going further in the interview, Kiran Mehra opened up about her and Vinod Mehra's love story and how her father was not convinced about her decision to marry the actor. Moreover, the doting wife unfolded many unknown facts and secrets about her and Vinod's marital life. During the interview, when Kiran was asked to reveal the kind of husband, Vinod Mehra was in real life. Answering this, Kiran Mehra showered immense praises on him and called him the 'nicest human being'. She said:

"It was fantastic. Vinod ji was one of the nicest human beings. It has been more than 3 decades but till date, I haven't met anyone so nice. He never raised his voice. He never said any wrong words. Even if I uttered words like 'stupid' and 'dumb' here and there, he was quick to correct me and say not to use such language."

vinod kiran mehra

Going further in her revelation about her husband, Vinod Mehra's personality in real-life, Kiran compared him with her father and admitted that she had seen her father's reflection in her husband. Although Kiran's husband and her father shared some similarities, she was quick to add that her dad was never in favour of her decision to marry Vinod at the age of 23. Recalling how she had chickened out a day before her marriage with Vinod, she explained:

"I saw a lot of my father's reflection in Vinod. My father was a wonderful man and equally soft spoken. But to tell you the truth, my dad didn't want Vinod and I to get married. I told him that I was sure. He said, 'You are only 23, you haven't seen the world.' One day before the marriage, I almost chickened out. I told my fears to Vinod. He said 'don't worry, you are just nervous.' Thankfully, everything went fine."

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vinod mehra wife kiran mehra kids

In the same interview, Kiran Mehra also shared details about her first meeting with Vinod Mehra and revealed how he had followed her to London. When she was asked to recall the meeting details between her then-boyfriend and her father regarding their marriage, she shared details of their meeting in Delhi. She shared:

"We met through common friends. After two days, he asked me out for lunch. He followed me to London. We soon fell in love. We spoke only on the phone and exchanged notes. A meeting happened between Vinod and my father in Delhi. I called Vinod and told him that dad was taking me away. Vinod flew down to Delhi. I don't know the details of that meeting but the very next week, we were married."

vinod mehra wedding wife kiran mehra

At the end of the interview, Kiran Mehra revealed whether she had ever thought about falling in love again or marrying someone after her husband's death. Answering this, the doting wife mentioned that if her husband had been alive today, they would have tied the knot again. Heaping praises on her late husband once again, Kiran admitted that she holds no regrets in her life, and her decision to marry Vinod Mehra wasn't wrong at all. She said:

"No, I cannot. Look at what's happening to relationships today. If Vinod ji was alive, we would have married each other once again and reiterated our vows. All said and done, currently I am doing fine. My decision to marry Vinod ji was never wrong. Sadly our daughter couldn't spend much time with him. Our son did not see him. It is so strange, but trust me, they will never meet a man as good as Vinod ji ever in their lives."

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For the uninitiated, Vinod Mehra had died on October 30, 1990, due to a severe heart attack.

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