Met 1st Time For Falguni Pathak's Video, Years Later, Iqbal And Sneha Met Again To Never Part Ways


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Met 1st Time For Falguni Pathak's Video, Years Later, Iqbal And Sneha Met Again To Never Part Ways

He has besotted all the females out there with his killer looks, his well-toned body, his confident personality, his deep baritone voice, his charismatic smile and of course, his acting skills. The time he made his debut on television with Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai, he made a lot of women go crazy for him. Yes, we are talking about none other than hottie and heartthrob, Mohammed Iqbal Khan.

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Soon all those hearts smashed when Iqbal decided to take the wedding vows with Punjabi girl, Sneha Chhabra. Yes, he is a married man and a father of a little angel as well. Excited to know all about their love chronicle, keep scrolling and read it yourself!

Pehli Mulaqaat

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Charming Iqbal Khan and gorgeous Sneha Chhabra first met in Hyderabad for the shooting of Falguni Pathak's video named, Main Teri Diwani Hoon. At that time, Sneha was only 16 and Iqbal thought her to be a 'little kid.'

Destined to be together

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Who knew that God had some other plans in store and both of them were destined to become man and wife one day. Many years down the line, they again bumped into each other. Iqbal, in an interview, once stated:

"After that, I went back to Delhi and she to Mumbai. We never called, nor SMS messages to each other. I had almost forgotten her. And suddenly one day, I bumped into her."

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The actor added:

“The film (Fun2sssh) was almost over. I was chilling out at Just Round the corner in Bandra, and I saw her familiar face, sitting right across the table."

And this is what we call destiny!

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And they fell in love with each other…

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So initially, they started talking casually and then ended up partying together. Recalling the moment, Iqbal was quoted as saying:

“We started talking on phone a couple of times, just casually. But I think she started liking me by then. Out of the blue, she called me up on the New Year's Eve and asked where I was partying that night. I wasn't partying anywhere, and I confessed to her that I was simply Home alone.”

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He further adds:

“She insisted that I come over to her friend's place, where she was hanging out for a couple of hours to celebrate the New Year. I was apprehensive to go to a stranger's place, but something within, took me there."

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Sometimes, both the boy and the girl know that they are in love with each other, but confession takes its own time. This is what exactly happened between the two of them. Hear from the man himself:

“After that we started meeting everyday. We could not do without each other. But though we didn't confess our feelings to each other for a long time, the outcome was crystal clear. We both could feel it from inside."

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Holy bliss of matrimony

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Iqbal and Sneha took the wedding vows on January 15, 2007.  They had a court marriage and it was completely a close-knit affair. When this heartthrob was asked that how Sneha bowled him over and what let him tie the knot with her, he gushed:

“Marriage is not just about you and me, it’s also about our families. Sneha is a homely person. Her approach to life is straightforward.”

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Once in an interview with a leading daily, the actor shared how he has been enjoying little things with his girl. Here’s what the actor was found stating then:

“I’m enjoying doing small things like taking a walk, watching movies. As long as we are together, it doesn’t matter what we are doing.”

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Talking about what marriage has brought into the life of this hottie, Iqbal once said in an interview:

“Marriage brings a feeling that somebody is always there for you – anytime, anywhere.”

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He further adds:

“Irrespective of whether I perform well or not, I know there’s somebody in this world in whose eyes I am the hero!”

Celeb Couples

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It’s very natural for any girl to get possessive about her man as and when she sees him getting cosy with other girl on-screen. Or for that matter, having an amazing female fan following. Is this the case with Sneha as well?

“I’m a very good boy! I don’t give her a chance to be so. Sneha handles the fan department. She even replies to them.”

Moreover, Iqbal also talked about his view point on the term ‘space’ in any relationship. Here’s what the actor thinks of it:

“I do my thing you, do your thing doesn’t appeal to me. This implies that either the couple does not get along or is on the verge of a break-up.”

Celeb Couples

It’s not just Iqbal talking about it all, we also have Sneha (the lucky girl) spilling some beans on her ‘Prince Charming’. Here’s what she was quoted as saying:

“I found him responsible and caring. That’s why I decided to spend my life with him. I’ve got myself a lap top because I enjoy recording his interviews on TV and in print. He’s a simple person. Despite being an actor, he doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror. He pampers me like a child and even helps me in the kitchen or while putting the clothes to dry. I love his emotive eyes and voice.”

These lovelies, Iqbal and Sneha were blessed with a baby girl in 2011 and named their little munchkin, Ammaara Khan. And trust us, this little angel is too cute to handle! [Check out these 10 celebrity dads who have sent the hotness meter soaring high].

Celeb Couples

Such a cute family it is!

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Well, Team BollywoodShaadis wishes this awwdorable family, Iqbal, Sneha and Ammaara an ocean full of happiness and all the luck in this world. Much love to you three!

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