Mira Rajput Kapoor Is Jealous Of Daughter Misha Kapoor's Hair, Shares Her Picture Flaunting Them

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor's darling daughter, Misha Kapoor has always been under the media glare. Scroll down as her mom yearns to have hair like her!


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Mira Rajput Kapoor Is Jealous Of Daughter Misha Kapoor's Hair, Shares Her Picture Flaunting Them

One of the close-knit happy families from the showbiz world, Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor, Misha Kapoor and Zain Kapoor are always spreading some serious #FamJamGoals. Shahid Kapoor had entered the holy bliss of matrimony with Mira on July 7, 2015. Right after a year and a month, the couple had welcomed their first joint production, a daughter on August 26, 2016. Later, two years down the line, the lovebirds were blessed with a baby boy, Zain Kapoor. (Also Read: Virat Kohli's Comment On Wife Anushka Sharma's Childhood Photo Is Winning Our Hearts)

Eventually, Mira Rajput Kapoor has become an ardent social media user and she loves to give us peek-a-boos to some drool-worthy pictures of the little munchkins, Misha Kapoor and Zain Kapoor. Remember how sometime back Mira had shared a couple of Instagram stories wherein Misha was seen flaunting her temporary hair colour? In case your memory has faded, let us refresh it. Mira had shared two pictures of Misha, wherein she had gotten a temporary burgundy hair colour. Atop one picture, Mira had written, “Got a hair colour at Alim Uncle’s”, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” And on another one, she had written, “Relax guys, it’s just temporary and Wait till I’m 5.”

Misha Kapoor coloured hair

Today (September 14, 2019), Mira took to her official Instagram handle and shared another lovely picture of Misha. This time too, she could be seen flaunting her hair like a pro. But it seems that her mother, Mira is jealous of her voluminous locks and yearns to have hers like that. Atop the picture, Mira penned, “Can I have her hair please!!!” and hashtagging it with “#HairGoals”. Take a look right here:

Misha Kapoor

In fact, on June 28, 2019, Mira had shared a picture of Misha when she had adorned her with 90s hair clips. Misha’s curly locks were embellished with tiny alligators that had colourful hanging strings and clips at the bottom of it. Atop the story, she had written, "Hair accessories from the 90's!" (Checkout: Avinash Sachdev Opens Up About Reasons Behind His Split With Ex-girlfriend, Rubina Dilaik)

Misha Kapoor

In 2017, when Misha had gotten her ears pierced, at that too, the doting father, Shahid, didn’t leave the chance to post her new look picture. For getting her ears pierced, Misha had gotten a lollipop treat from her darling mom as her daddy was out of town. Sharing a super-cute picture of the little angel, Shahid had penned, “Finally got my ears pierced! Thanks for the lollipop treat Mumma. You’re the best #whendadisaway.”

Misha Kapoor

In a throwback interview with the Hindustan Times, Mira had talked about her motherhood journey and was quoted as saying, "I had a tough pregnancy. I mean I went through those five months of a difficult time to bring my daughter into this world. So, now I want to spend every moment that I can with her, and I think that I am." (Aldo Read: This Bride Broke Norms By Wearing Dazzling White Lehenga On Her Wedding And Black On Her Sangeet)

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor

She had further gone on to add, "There is a set of responsibilities that are on my plate and I feel that at my age, I have a lot more energy. I have my future ahead of me so I can finish all of my responsibilities and then I have nothing in my way. You know I can raise my daughter, I can be a good wife, I can set my house the way I like, not in terms of the way things should be but the way home must be with its values and ideals. So, nothing will stop me after that but I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work. Why did I have her? She is not a puppy, you know. I want to be there for her as a mother, seeing her grow up has, cannot be quantified."

Misha’s hair truly can make anyone envious! What do you guys have to say about it? Keep us posted!

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