Preventive Measures For Premature Greying Of Hair And How To Reverse Gray Hair Naturally


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Preventive Measures For Premature Greying Of Hair And How To Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

In the fast-moving competitive world, people are going crazy to maintain their position in the never-ending rat race. Everyone has got their fair share of tensions and troubles on their head. All these, combined with unhealthy lifestyle and ecological imbalances, lead to the problem of premature greying of hair.

For some these salt and pepper streaked hair becomes a style statement, while for most it remains a problem. Here are some important tips that would help in understanding and preventing premature hair greying problems.

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#1. Understand your genes

Genetic built-up plays an important role in greying of hair. If someone’s family history points out to early greying signs then it is very likely that the younger generations too will be experiencing hair greying problems at an early age. A dermatological research has also concluded that while Caucasians start experiencing hair greying by early 30’s, the Africans and Asians begin facing greying problems from around late 30's to 40’s.

#2. Follow proper diet

Healthy lifestyle and proper diet is very important to tackle most of the hair related problems. Diets containing minerals and proteins help in increasing melanin pigments, which helps in preventing early greying of hair. Some of the melanin rich ingredients include iodine, ginger, honey, and iron. To prevent early signs of greying it is also important to include ingredients that are rich in vitamin B12 (eggs, cheese, fish, banana, etc.) in the diet.

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#3. Keep away from alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking are not just bad for the body but they also have an indirect effect on the hair. Smoking, in particular, speeds up the ageing process of the body and therefore, leads to early grey hair woes. The harmful chemicals and components in these substances are not good for the hair.

#5. De-stress

Stress is believed to be a reason behind premature greying of hair. Stress induced greying can be prevented by including various de-stress activities in our daily life. Some things that help in relieving stress are music, playing games, yoga and meditation. Good sleep also helps to de-stress mind and body.

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#6. Use Ayurvedic and Chinese therapy

Using henna paste, amla paste, chamomile boiled in Castor oil are some common ayurvedic tricks to maintain a healthy scalp. Some Chinese techniques, which include special type of head massage that improves the circulations, are also very effective.

#7. Nourishing the hair

Well-nourished and clean hair is healthy hair. Healthy roots and follicles don’t get easily clogged or dehydrated thus preventing early signs of greying. Using a mild shampoo every 3 to 4 days along with proper hair packs and hair care products gives strength and protection to the hair.

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#8. Stay hydrated, always

A well hydrated scalp is a sign of healthy scalp, as it improves the condition of hair follicles. Increase your water intake, and reduce caffeine-based drinks. It is best to avoid acidic, spicy and fried food as they can dehydrate the body. Also, it is important to massage the scalp well with good quality oils of coconut or almond or any other fine varieties.

Greying of hair is a problem that cannot be stopped as it is related to ageing, but these simple tips will help in understanding the reasons behind premature greying of hair. These tips will also help in keeping it at bay, for a long time. Prevention is better than cure, always!