Neha Marda Reveals If Her Pregnancy Was Planned, Records Hubby, Ayushman's Reaction To The Good News

Popular television actress, Neha Marda shared a cutesy video of her hubby, Ayushman's first-ever reaction to her pregnancy report. It's unmissable!


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Neha Marda Reveals If Her Pregnancy Was Planned, Records Hubby, Ayushman's Reaction To The Good News

Popular television actress, Neha Marda is currently expecting her first baby with her husband, Ayushman Agarwal. On December 4, 2022, Neha Marda shared an adorable video on her IG handle. In the video, we can see how her hubby, Ayushman reacted when she showed him her pregnancy test result. The video showed Ayushman sitting on a couch, browsing his phone.

When Neha presented the test kit to her hubby, he was shocked to see the two lines on it. Beaming with joy and happiness, he hugged his darling wife and kissed her on her forehead. Neha also gave a sweet peck of love on her husband's cheek. Alongside the video, Neha penned a beautiful note and expressed her emotions in words. Her note can be read as:

"So it was sunday early morning when I was tested positive. Initially I thought I should let him work first and will tell him once he will be free but I couldn't control myself.. I immediately went towards his side and rest you can watch the video. It was a long video with lots of hahah hehehe, shock, surprise, a kind of fear thinking about future and lot more but I just wanted to show his first-ever reaction and obviously, that was filled with happiness and later with a lot of laughter."

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To watch the video, click here.

Neha Marda also hosted a Q and A session for her fans on her IG handle. When one of her fans asked her how she was feeling nowadays, she shared that she feels extremely happy. However, she also added that pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride and she is undergoing unexpected changes. Mentioning how she was always fit and fine before pregnancy, Neha revealed that she's experiencing unpredictable mood swings and body changes.

For the unversed, Neha and Ayushman tied the knot on February 10, 2012, in Kolkata, and they are set to enter the parenthood league after 10 years of marital bliss. However, when the actress was asked if she was ever bothered by the never-ending questions of her relatives and close friends, she gave a beautiful answer. Neha mentioned that pregnancy is a personal choice, so nobody has any right to question your life decisions. The mommy-to-be also shared that a married couple can easily opt not to answer people's unnecessary questions.

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Neha Marda also revealed that it was a planned pregnancy for her as she and her hubby, Ayushman waited for ten years to hop on to the parenthood journey. The actress mentioned that she planned everything well in advance and added that she would soon get back to work and focus on her career after becoming a mother.

Indeed, Neha Marda's hubby, Ayushman has the cutest reaction to her pregnancy test result!

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