This 4-Month-Old Celeb Baby Has Been Given A Unique Name - A Mixture Of His Parents' Names


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This 4-Month-Old Celeb Baby Has Been Given A Unique Name - A Mixture Of His Parents' Names

It was a few days ago only when we told that Indian television’s popular actor Karan Mehra and his wife Nisha Rawal welcomed their first child. The baby boy was born on June 14 and the couple named him Kavish.

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Their little boy’s name is a mixture of their names, cute, isn’t it? Well the newbie parents are on cloud nine these days. They even shared the first picture of their cute baby a few days after his birth, revealing his name along with it.

Take a look at the picture and the caption:

Kavish Mehra

14th of June 2017, we were touched by an angel in the form of a baby boy. We now call him and introduce to you "KAVISH MEHRA". Our joy would be incomplete without sharing this blessed news with you. 3 fold love from the 3 of us.

Now, in a heartwarming interview to one of the entertainment portals, daddy Karan opened up about fatherhood and his little bundle of joy, Kavish Mehra.

Take a look at what he has to share about Jr. Mehra!

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal baby

Karan explained the feeling of becoming a dad and welcoming a new life into the world.

He said:

It's different actually. The feeling of knowing that the baby is inside was different and now that it is out, the feeling is even more different. Like now that we are feeding him, cleaning him and all, we are getting to experience a lot. You know in case I go out and suddenly I am like, oh we have a baby at home. The feeling hasn't sunk in yet.

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Karan Mehra with his son

The elated daddy further added:

Actually he did not come directly into my hands. I saw him coming out and he was cleaned and then when he came into my hands I was like, Woah, that's my baby; he's finally into my hands.

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra

So, Kavish resembles whom- mommy Nisha or daddy Karan? Karan promptly replied that at times he looks like Nisha and at times he looks like him.

Karan Mehra's son Kavish Mehra

Talking further about the same, he said:

Now I feel Kavish looks more like both of us. He looks more like me when I was young but now Nisha says that he resembles her. His hands, his ears, his toes are just like me. But honestly, at two weeks old, at that kind of phase, all the babies look the same to me.

Karan Mehra's son Kavish Mehra

He also disclosed that why the couple chose this name for their son.

He said:

It's a derivation of our names. We were trying to amalgamate it since a long time. But we were forced into this situation one day when we were asked a name by the hospital and we had to give a name immediately for the birth certificate. So we decided upon this soon. Well, Kavish means king of poets and it also is another name of Lord Ganesh. We also perceived it in the way of a 'wish', like Karan and Nisha Ka wish is 'Kavish'. I loved all these meanings and immediately decided upon this.

Karan Mehra's son Kavish Mehra

Well, this is such a thoughtful name! Like every household, are the newbie parents advised by their elders upon parenthood?

Karan shared:

Oh No No, I wasn't advised at all. My parents and I just share our experiences and there is no hard and fast rule where I have to follow advises. We are let to explore our experience.

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Karan Mehra's son Kavish Mehra

He also shared that his bond with wife Nisha has only strengthened with time. He adores his wife more now, after the birth of Kavish.

Talking further about it, he said:

The bond has strengthened intensely. Kavish is like our product and now we have a joint responsibility towards our baby. He is our priority now more than anything else. The other day we were laughing how our talks have changed. Earlier we used to talk about so many things but now it’s majorly about our baby. Earlier, it was like I love you the most, but now the line is shifting to I love you more but I love Kavish the most.

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra

Well yes, he loves Nisha more than before, but he loves Kavish more now. And, Nisha also loves Kavish more now.

Karan further added:

Well even she feels the same now. We both love Kavish the most. It's indeed a beautiful and different feeling of having a family of your own.

Nisha Rawal with son Kavish

Karan respects Nisha more now, after seeing her go through the nine months of pregnancy. Talking about dealing with her mood swings during her pregnancy, Karan said:

Uh...She was cranky just twice in all the nine months. Probably I was the reason for her being not cranky. I was asked by many who assumed that she must have been cranky during her pregnancy but I am like there's nothing like that and people were shocked.

Nisha Rawal with her baby

Talking more about the pregnancy phase, Karan further added:

We went out for movies', I got her whatever she wanted, etc. And we actually watched a lot of movies because when Kavish was inside, he too reacted on the various sounds while watching movies. So we understood what he likes and dislikes. I could finally spend time with Nisha at a time when I was expected to be with her. Something that I would have missed out on if I wanted to do a show. That's the time I really wanted to spend with Nisha. We planned our baby's arrival in the best way possible together because raising Kavish is a joint effort.

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kavish Mehra

Karan also talked about how his schedule has changed after the arrival of his son and how other things have taken a backseat.

Talking more about it, he said:

My schedule has changed a lot. We are trying to deal with the new timings since we have to wake up and sleep according to him only. So now, we are getting a hang of the timings slowly so that we can also sleep and he too is comfortable. We aren't going out anywhere. Friends and visitors come over to see him but we are making sure that we don't go out. Other things have taken a backseat. And also, I can change his diapers like a pro. It was a different experience initially but actually I have done it earlier too for my cousins.

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra

The responsible daddy Karan further shared that playing a father on-screen has helped him in real life too.

He said:

Somewhere being a father to Naksh has helped though it teaches you more when your baby arrives and you get an hands on experience.

Kavish Mehra

Karan is a new-age dotting dad and thinks that upbringing of a child isn’t the responsibility of only the mother. Giving an important message to the young parents, Karan said:

Parenting is a full time job. Many men getaway by saying that they will work in the outer world while the mothers can look after the baby alone. That's not how it is. That's wrong. Every couple needs to pitch in together and that change I have kind of seen in the current gen and is good. But in some still developing places of the country, the mentality of women solely taking care of the family exists and that should be eradicated soon. The work of raising a child should be divided equally as it is both the mother and father's vital responsibility in nurturing their little one.

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Well said Karan, we totally agree with you, raising a child is a full-time job for both the mother and the father. Once again, heartiest congratulations to the happy parents, Karan and Nisha on the arrival of their little bundle of joy, Kavish. God bless the lovely family!

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