Nikhil Patel FINALLY Addresses Dalljiet's Extramarital Allegations On Him, Adds 'Her Departure...'

In a recent interview, Nikhil Patel opened up about his side of the story regarding his separation from popular actress, Dalljiet Kaur and also clarified the extramarital allegations levied by her.


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Nikhil Patel FINALLY Addresses Dalljiet's Extramarital Allegations On Him, Adds 'Her Departure...'

Television actress, Dalljiet Kaur tied the knot for the second time with a Kenya-based businessman, Nikhil Patel in March 2023 in a lavish wedding ceremony in Mumbai. Following this, Dalljiet and her son, Jaydon (born from her previous marriage with Shalin Bhanot) relocated to Kenya. But within a year of her marriage with Nikhil, Dalljiet returned to India. After a few days, she started opening up about the alleged reasons behind her and Nikhil's separation and also accused him of having extramarital affairs. Now, Nikhil addressed the allegations against him and opened up on his side of the story.

Nikhil Patel says Dalljiet Kaur struggled to adjust to life in Kenya

In an interview with the ETimes, Nikhil Patel opened up about when problems started emerging in his relationship with his estranged wife, Dalljiet Kaur. The businessman mentioned that it was in January 2023 when the actress considered returning to India, which led to their separation. Moreover, Nikhil went on to explain how cultural differences between him and Dalljiet were also a driving factor between the two of them. He said:

"In January this year, Dalljiet decided to leave Kenya with her son Jaydon and return to India, which ultimately led to our separation. We both realized that the foundation of our blended family wasn't as strong as we had hoped, making it hard for Dalljiet to settle in Kenya. In March 2023, we held an Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai. Though it held cultural significance, it was not legally binding. This ceremony was intended to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her move to Kenya. Despite our efforts, Dalljiet found it challenging to adjust to life in Kenya, missing her career and life in India. The complexities of our family dynamics became increasingly apparent."

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Nikhil Patel talks about cultural differences between him and Dalljiet Kaur

Reflecting on how Dalljiet Kaur was finding it extremely difficult to adjust to life in Kenya, Nikhil also addressed certain allegations made by the actress against him. He mentioned that his daughters also have a good relationship with their mother. Thus, it somehow hinted at Nikhil's amicable relationship with his first ex-wife. Afterwards, Nikhil shared that as time passed, the concept of a blended family between him and Dalljiet became complex and challenging. He added:

"This proved to be challenging for us due to cultural clashes, different values and beliefs, and this was something that began to develop as the relationship matured. My daughters have a mother who remains irreplaceable regardless of the status of the relationship between them. Dalljiet informed me, her son’s school, and others on the day she decided to leave that she did not plan to return to Kenya, except to collect her remaining belongings. I have safely stored these belongings for her. Her departure marked the end of our relationship for me, and despite her concerning social media activity over the past five months, I have found closure and solace, moving forward positively."

Nikhil Patel breaks his silence on Dalljiet Kaur's extramarital allegations about him

Finally, Nikhil addressed the accusations made by Dalljiet against him and mentioned how her impulsive posts on social media are impacting his close ones. Moreover, Nikhil clarified that the reasons given by Dalljiet in her post about their separation were misinterpreted by many. Thus, it led to unnecessary harassment of his family members. In the end, Nikhil also wished Dalljiet all the best for her future endeavours and hoped they could move forward positively. Nikhil concluded:

"However, Dalljiet's recent assumptions and impulsive posts on social media have caused confusion and distress among those around me. She has expressed a desire to return to my life and has crossed boundaries. Her posts have been misinterpreted, resulting in unnecessary harassment of family and friends unrelated to this situation. I hope she stops this behaviour. I have always believed in addressing misunderstandings with clarity and respect. It is important to set the record straight, not just for myself, but for everyone involved."

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Dalljiet Kaur asked for some dignity while confirming the reasons for separation from Nikhil Patel

Earlier, Dalljiet Kaur reshared Nikhil Patel's IG story and also pointed out the 'SN initials' mentioned at the same. Dalljiet wrote atop it, "Let's see what the fuss is all about! SN." Moreover, the actress mentioned, "Atleast you should have left your wife little dignity publically, as I was quiet about a lot of other things, too." Afterwards, in block letters, Dalljiet added what are the alleged reasons behind her separation. She penned, "You are out on social media with her now everyday shamelessly. Your wife and son came back in 10 months of the wedding. The entire family is humiliated. Some dignity for the kids would have been good." Well, Dalljiet's story was a confirmation of her separation from Nikhil.

What do you think about Nikhil's statements about the reasons behind his separation from Dalljiet? Let us know!

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