Pakistani Actress Reveals The Khans Of Bollywood Are 'Insecure' Of Their Talents, Netizens React

Recently, Nadia Khan revealed the reason behind the Pakistani actors getting banned from Bollywood and blamed the Khans for being 'insecure'. Soon netizens reacted to her comment.


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Pakistani Actress Reveals The Khans Of Bollywood Are 'Insecure' Of Their Talents, Netizens React

Indian actors and Bollywood have always been a point of interest to many stars beyond the border. Not only that, Pakistani dramas also enjoy a huge fan base in India. Prominent actors, including Wahaj Ali, Hania Aamir, Iqra Aziz, Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas, Bilal Abbas Khan, Mahira Khan, and many others, already have a huge fan following even among Indian audiences. However, now a popular actress, Nadia Khan, made a comparison between the Indian stars and the ones in Pakistan and mentioned how the former are insecure about the latter for a reason. Soon, netizens started reacting to the same.

Nadia Khan compares Pakistani and Indian actors and their contents

Recently, Nadia Khan graced the Pakistani TV show, Kya Drama Hai, which mainly reviews television dramas and trending stories, alongside Sadia Imam and Marina Khan. In the show's latest episode, they were heard talking about the popular serial, Abdullahpur Ka Devdas, that was premiered on February 26, 2024. The Zindagi series, Abdullahpur Ka Devdas, was written by Shahid Dogar, directed by Anjum Shahzad, and produced by an Indian producer, Shailja Kejriwal. The 13-episode series stars Bilal Abbas, Raza Talish, Sarah Khan, Irfan Motiwala, Kashif Hussain, and Noman Ijaz among others.

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Nadia Khan blames the Khans of Bollywood for banning Pakistani actors from India

During one of the segments of the video, Nadia Khan mentioned how Pakistani dramas are gradually becoming more popular among Indian audiences day by day. She further pointed out the beautiful acting skills shown by the actors and actresses in the Pakistani dramas that are beyond explanation. Nadia then mentioned that such skills easily make a place for them in the Hindi film industry. However, she revealed that only because the top Indian actors became extremely 'insecure' of the Pakistani ones, the latter were banned from the Hindi film industry. In Nadia's words:

"Humare actors India mein bahut popular hone lage hai Fawad wagerah waha jaake kaam karne lage waha ke kuch bahut bade actors insecure hogaye. Unhone usko politically koi issue banake band karwaye. Ye nhi ki wahake politicians ko sirf koi masla tha, nhi, waha ke top actors ko darr hai. Ye nhi ki unko wahape film mein milengi aur humari public pagal ho jayengi. Nah ye body dikha rahe hai nahi wo aese (hand gesture) kar rahe. Yeh toh unke jo actors hai, ye toh aankho se kaam karte hai bhai. Unko toh dialogue delivery aati hai. Urdu itni sahi hai. Toh hum sab mare gaye, toh unko band karwa diya."

Further, Nadia pin-pointed towards the Khans, seemingly mentioning the superstars of Bollywood, including Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, and revealed that it was them who got extremely insecure of the Pakistani talents. Nadia then wondered if really the Pakistani actors were banned due to any political agendas spread by the politicians or if this was because of the movie mafias in the Hindi film industry. Elaborating more about that, she shared: 

"Indian awam ishq karti hai humare stars se, aur ye jo recent time pe Wahaj (Ali) aur Bilal (Abbas Khan) ne jo kar diya hai nah, awam ho gyi hai pagal. Aur jo dramein banane wale log hai unko samaj aa gyi hai ki unko ye jarrorat hai. Directors humare yaha jo hai junooni hai, kaam ko bahar international karna hai, wo junoon bhi mil raha hai, and ye star viral hai India mein. You have no idea Bilal ki iss waqt waha jo fan following hai and Wahaj ki jo last billiore thi. Khans jo hai ki insecure ho gaye hai ki agar ye aa jayenge toh kya hoga. Kyunki iss age group mein waha stars  nhi hai."

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Netizens' reaction to Nadia Khan's statement about Indian actors

As soon as Nadia's video making such a comment on Indian actors surfaced on the internet, netizens started reacting to it strongly. One social media user mentioned, "Comparing Drama and Movies in a single frame ? Mohtarma Pak thodi hai jo movies chl hi na paaye idhr." Another mentioned, "SRK vs Pakistan entertainment industry... Vote karwa do sirf Pakistan mai ... I'm sure SRK more than 50% vote se lead karenge". One more netizen penned, "Kuch bhi khans even don’t know them and they are insecure?"

To watch the video, click here.

What do you think about Nadia's statement about Indian actors being insecure about the Pakistani ones? Let us know!

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