Paresh Rawal On Feeling Powerless When His Mom Went Into Coma And Doctors Told Him To Pull The Plug

Veteran actor, Paresh Rawal, in an interview with Neelesh Misra opened up about the time when his late mother had gone into a coma, and the doctor had told him to pull the plug. Find out!


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Paresh Rawal On Feeling Powerless When His Mom Went Into Coma And Doctors Told Him To Pull The Plug

In a recent interview with Neelesh Misra on his talk show, The Slow Interview, the veteran actor, Paresh Rawal talked about his late mother and recalled the time when he had felt absolutely powerless. The actor recalled the time when his mother had gone into a coma and shared how traumatic it was for him and his entire family.

The actor revealed that his mother was put on life support and doctors told him that major surgery was required for the proper treatment. Paresh also added that after examining his mother, doctors told him that surgery wouldn’t be possible. He said:

"When my mum fell down, she was in a coma for 12 days. The doctor who treated her was a good friend. So I asked him what we should do."

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Further, in his conversation with Neelesh Misra on The Slow Interview, Paresh Rawal, when the actor asked the doctors for a reason behind it, they informed Paresh that his mother wasn’t eligible for such a big surgery at that age and health condition. Reflecting on the heartbreaking moment when doctors told Paresh to pull the plug. He recalled:

"He told me, 'Paresh, she’s on life support. Even if she wakes up, she will not recognise anybody. She’s old, and she might not survive the surgery. Her brain has been injured. By waiting, you’re not extending her life, you’re prolonging her death. Pull the plug. This is practical, and these are the facts.'"

For the unversed, Paresh Rawal’s mother had suffered a hip fracture and a strong blow on the head that turned out to be life-threatening for her. However, there was a time when doctors have had suggested Paresh give up on his mother. But the doting son couldn’t pull the plug, and eventually, she had passed away after a heart attack. In his conversation with Neelesh Misra, the actor admitted that he always finds himself lucky not for not pull the plug when his mom was in a coma. He said:

"Our mother had loved us so much that she had not let us pull the plug. She had suffered a heart attack and passed away. I was in Sri Lanka when she had passed away. Before I went to Sri Lanka, I was filing the form to give permission to the doctors to pull the plug, but I couldn’t read anything as my eyes were all filled up with tears. I was crying. I said to myself that I have no right to pull the plug on the woman who gave me birth."

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In the same interview, when Neelesh Misra asked Paresh Rawal to open up about his views on old age and to reveal his take on the same. Answering the same, the actor recalled one of the precious sayings of his father about old age. The actor stated that his father once told him that old age is the time when a person has the answers to all the questions but has no one to ask the questions.

On the professional front, Paresh Rawal will be next seen in the film, Shehzada.

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