Pineapple For Weight Loss, Best Ways To Use Tangy Fruit To Lose Weight


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Pineapple For Weight Loss, Best Ways To Use Tangy Fruit To Lose Weight

You must have always loved to bite into those sweet and juicy pineapples for its fresh and sweet-sour taste. Well, apart from this, there are other reasons to stock up on this wondrous tropical fruit. The storehouse of nutrients, pineapple has huge health benefits including weight loss. Yes, the low-calorie content and dietary fibres (soluble and insoluble) in the slices of pineapples can really trim you down.

So, if you find it tough to tackle obesity, here are a few pineapple recipes that would surely come as a respite for weight watchers. Well, before that let’s know a bit about the ‘fruit with the crown’.

The humble Hawaiian fruit

Pineapple for weight loss

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that has countless positive effects on your body. It is said to be a staple diet of people in Hawaiian Islands and beaches. That it is sweet, sour as well as tangy in flavour is known to everybody. Apart from the burst of different flavours, pineapple is a unique fruit and said to be a mix of nutrients combined with different fruits. It has chemical components and minerals that are not present in many of the common fruits we eat.

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The powerhouse of nutrients

Pineapple for weight loss

Loaded with Vitamins, manganese, beta-carotene, potassium, bromelain, high water content, digestive enzymes etc., pineapple amazingly looks after your health concerns. From making your bones strong to fighting infection and viruses, pineapple works like an all-rounder. Pineapple chunks help hydrate, improve digestion and lose weight. From fighting free radicals in the body to controlling arthritis, improving eyesight and controlling cold and flu; it can do it all. It contains a powerful component called Bromelain which can bring hundreds of health benefits to your body.

How pineapple helps weight loss?

Pineapple for weight loss

Being a rich source of thiamine, B12, folate, copper and dietary fibres, pineapple improves digestion and hence gives you a fitter body. Also, the fruit is 87% water which makes it a low-calorie food (100gm pineapple= 50Kcall). It is a good option for the sweet taste you crave because it provides fibres and minerals to your body without adding to calories and cholesterol. The enzyme bromelain in pineapple is said to break down the food components which helps in digestion and maintaining healthy body weight. It can speed up your metabolism and boost fat loss but it is equally important to watch the consumption. It should not overshoot the daily requirement in a body.

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Tasty and tantalising pineapple diet

Pineapple for weight loss

Pineapple proves to be of great help in your difficult weight loss journey. Apart from fruit, you can have it in myriad other forms. You can even try out recipes made of pineapple. Let’s have a look at some delectable and appetizing recipes that will keep you satiated as well as motivated for your vigorous exercise and diet regime.

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Pineapple chunks

Pineapple for weight loss

It goes without saying that pineapple can be your best when it comes to achieving your goals. So, keep the yummy slices by your side and let it play a significant part in affecting your weight loss process.

Add to salads

Pineapple for weight loss

You can always include pineapple pieces in your salads and even vegetables for that tartly flavour. Apart from savouring unique flavour and texture, you will parallel watch your weight too. Go for carrot, raisins and pineapple salad or add pineapple to your green veggies.

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Pineapple oatmeal

Pineapple for weight loss

Everyone knows how oatmeal manages your calories, but this time add some life and zest to your boring bowl of oats. Bake the oats as you normally do. Just when the oats are about to get cooked and become soft in consistency, add a few pineapple chunks. You will fall in love with this tastier and new version of oats which will also help you attain a flat belly.

Refreshing mocktail

Pineapple for weight loss

If soft drinks please you, go for the magical and effective fat-burning pineapple mocktail this summer. Prepare a super tasty juice by taking fresh pineapple chunks, vinegar, lime juice and a bit of salt. Stir all the ingredients together and have it cold or chilled. Keep the ice optional. We bet you will swear by this new tone-up nutritional plan that will counter your fats.

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Rice meal

Pineapple for weight loss

There are many who just can’t do without this staple Indian food. Prepare your rice using pineapples and it will please your buds like never before. Moreover, staple rice with pineapple can well manage your calorie intake and help you shrink. Add some cashews, carrots and pineapples to your rice while you are steaming or boiling it. You may add a bit of yoghurt or coconut milk during the making. So, instead of going for a plate full of plain rice, the pineapple version is smarter and healthier. The recipe will not only taste great but will also help you slim down.

As a smoothie

Pineapple for weight loss

A smoothie recipe out of pineapple can be your wonderful detox plan. Take pineapple chunks as the basic fruit and then add another set of fruits as per your choice like coconut, banana or apple. Add water, ice, yoghurt, ginger, a few almonds to make it richer. Blend until smooth in a mixer grinder. Serve it in dessert glasses dressed in pineapple wedges or mint leaves.

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Pineapple barbeque

Pineapple for weight loss

Why go for a tough diet and weight loss plans when something magical and mouth-watering is available as a fat burner. The gently charred or grilled pineapples taste heavenly and are a great addition to evening snacks. So, next time whenever you are planning a BBQ, throw some rings of pineapples for a slimmer you.


Pineapple for weight loss

If you can’t find the fresh ones available in the market, you can go for the canned pineapple to use as toppings in cakes, ice-creams and dessert. Pineapple addition to the cakes and pastries will make the bakes juicy and vibrant. So, next time instead of completely withdrawing from desserts you can have a portion with pineapple.

Pineapple salsa

Pineapple for weight loss

Fruit salsas are always a great way to have a flab-free body. Scoop a big chunk from the middle and leave the pineapple skin to look like a bowl. Dice around one-third of the pineapple scoop and separate it from the extra juice. Similarly add other fruits or veggies like carrot, tomato, red onion, colourful bell peppers, apple etc. with lime juice and spices as per your taste. Transfer the salsa dish to the pineapple bowl and relish the splashy and summer salsa. It is definitely worth a try if inch-loss is your goal.

As a chutney

Pineapple for weight loss

First, you need to grind the fresh-cut pieces of pineapples. Add this to a pan with some sugar and cook it on low heat. Add some salt and lemon drops and cook till the consistently looks like that of a chutney. Savour the sweet and syrupy chutney and have your way to a toned body.

CAUTION: Try not to aim for the fruit alone when you are on a fitness diet. Make sure that the quantity you take stays within limits. If taken in excess, the acidic content of fruit might cause harm to your body and digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is pineapple juice good for weight loss?

It is believed that pineapple does wonders for the ones who need to lose belly fat. Basically, pineapple has an important enzyme known as bromelain, which helps in metabolising protein. And, this eventually helps in burning away excess stomach fat. Also, bromelain works with other enzymes like lipase in order to digest fats and suppress appetite.

#2. Can pineapple help lose weight?

Pineapple alone cannot lose weight, but it is no doubt, an amazing add-on for a weight loss journey. One cup of fresh pineapple if completely free from fat. And this quantity has 80 calories, 22 grams of carbs, 1 gram of protein and 2 grams of fibre. You can enjoy a bowl of pineapple as a snack between your meals. Or, you can also replace your usual sweet dish with it to avoid unnecessary sweet intake.

#3. How pineapple helps in losing weight?

Since pineapple is a fruit that has high water content, it has the ability to make you feel full for quite some time. Not just this, another reason why pineapples help shed a few kilos is all because this fruit helps in curbing appetite.

Forget your gym membership and heavy exercises for a while. All you need is just a pineapple to shed those extra kilos! So, if you have ever neglected this nature’s best candy, start including it in your diet as soon as possible.


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