Pooja Bedi's 'Evil Step Mother' Tweet On Her Father, Kabir Bedi's Fourth Marriage To Parveen Dusanj

Throwback to a time when Kabir Bedi's fourth marriage with Parveen Dusanj left his daughter, Pooja Bedi fuming with rage!


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Pooja Bedi's 'Evil Step Mother' Tweet On Her Father, Kabir Bedi's Fourth Marriage To Parveen Dusanj

Kabir Bedi has been one such actor whose disturbed personal life has garnered a lot more attention than his professional career. For the unversed, Kabir has been married three-times previously and has had three children. His first marriage was with model and classical Odissi dancer, Protima Bedi from which he was blessed with a daughter, Pooja Bedi and a son, Siddharth who passed away at the age of 26 after suffering from schizophrenia. After a brief period of affair with Parveen Babi, he then married British-born fashion designer, Susan Humphreys with whom he has a son, Adam Bedi, who is an international model. After divorcing Susan, Kabir married a third time with TV and radio presenter, Nikki Bedi, and their marriage ended shortly in 2005. And finally, right before his 70th birthday in January 2016, he married British-born model, Parveen Dusanj.

Pooja Bedi’s shocking reaction to Kabir Bedi’s fourth marriage

pooja kabir

Back in January 2016, Kabir Bedi shocked his fans when he announced his fourth marriage to his long-time girlfriend and British-based model, Parveen Dusanj at the age of 70. Proving the fact that love knows no bounds, the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in the presence of their close family and friends. However, this move of his was not acknowledged on positive terms by Kabir’s daughter from his first marriage, Pooja Bedi. Taking to her Twitter handle, she penned a shocking reaction by directly tagging Kabir and his new-wife, Parveen. Moreover, what caught everyone’s attention was the fact that she labelled Parveen as her ‘evil step mother’, which went viral in no time. Her post could be read as:

“Every fairy tale has a wicked witch or an evil step-mother! Mine just arrived! @iKabirBedi just married @parveendusanj.”

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Pooja Bedi ended up deleting her post and sharing a congratulatory note

pooja kabir

Surely, such a shocking direct dig at her father, Kabir Bedi’s fourth marriage with Parveen Dusanj hit the headlines in no time, which resulted in the actor and his then newly-wedded wife being exposed to a lot of hatred and trolling. But when Pooja sensed that her tweet had made things blow out of proportion, she hurriedly deleted the original post and instead shared a new one where she wished her father and his new wife all the luck for their future. Her new tweet could be read as:

“Deleted the last tweet on my dad @iKabirBedi 4th marriage. Let’s keep things positive. I Wish him the best!!!”


Kabir Bedi's angry reaction to daughter, Pooja's hard feelings towards his new wife, Parveen

kabir parveen pooja

Sadly, while Pooja Bedi tried to make amends on her end to the viral tweet calling her father, Kabir Bedi's new wife, Parveen Dusanj as an 'evil step-mother', it was too late to convey apology towards her father who had, nevertheless, given an angry reaction to the same. Much like his daughter, Kabir too had posted a befitting reply on his Twitter handle where he expressed his deep disappointment towards Pooja's distasteful remark to his then-newly-wedded wife, Parveen. Calling her comment as venomous, Kabir Bedi wrote:

"DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED by venomous comments by my daughter Pooja against @parveendusanj just after we married. NO excuse for bad behaviour."


Pooja Bedi's harsh tweet to Kabir Bedi which hammered the last nail to their dying relationship

kabir pooja

Well, the thread of tweets post Kabir Bedi's fourth marriage did not die so easily, and the final nail to the coffin was drilled when Pooja Bedi still made a public attempt to ask her father to forget the past and enjoy his marital bliss. Taking to her Twitter handle, Pooja responded to Kabir Bedi's 'venomous comment' reaction and demanded her father to forget the past. Her tweet could be read as:

"@iKabirBedi why r u sprewing a DAY LATER over a tweet that was DELETED instead of being happy about the next tweet that wished you well??"


Pooja Bedi's daughter, Alaya F mended broken relationship of the former with her dad, Kabir Bedi

kabir pooja alaya

Unfortunately, ever since this unhappy exchange of words, the father-daughter duo maintained a bitter relationship with one another and were reported to not be on talking terms for the longest time. Moreover, there were also claims that Pooja had even demanded her father, Kabir to vacate the house which belonged to the former's mother, Protima Bedi. However, it was in 2020 when Pooja's daughter, Alaya F stepped in between this broken relationship and tried to mend her mom's broken relationship with her grandfather. Reportedly, Alaya had invited her grandparents, Kabir and Parveen to her birthday party, which caused a moment of reconcillation between the father-daughter duo. 

When Pooja Bedi spoke about finding love again after divorce with the example of her father’s four marriages


In her personal life, Pooja Bedi, too has been unfortunate in finding her soulmate in one go. She tied the knot with Farhan Furniturewala in 1994 and she even converted to Islam following Farhan’s faith and took up the name, Noorjahan. The couple was blessed with their daughter, Alaya and their son, Omar. But their marital bliss was short-lived and Pooja parted ways with Farhan in 2003, while single-handedly raising her children. It was much later in 2019 when Pooja found love again and since then has been engaged to Maneck Contractor. And so, in an interview with PeepingMoon, she once opened up on the idea of finding love even after divorce and recalled her father having gone through the same. She mentioned:

“Way back then at a time when I got divorced, almost 18 years ago, it was a massive deal to be divorced and move forward. 'Shadi kaun karega tumse? Baccho ka socho. Khud ka kyu soch rahi ho? How will you find love again? Who will marry you? You are alone, divorced, you have baggage. My children were called baggage. I was like hello! They are my assets. For me, it is also about the way I grew up. I grew up in a divorced family, knowing fully well that yes, you do find love again. And again and again. My father has been married four times now." 

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Kabir Bedi’s reaction on being labelled as a womaniser


Kabir Bedi’s frequent marriages, relationships and divorces have created a negative image of him in the minds of his audiences who feel that he is either of questionable character or else he is a complete womaniser. Spilling beans on the same, Kabir Bedi in an interview on Jashn-e-Rekhta’s YouTube channel spoke about tackling such kind of an image of himself and revealed the truth behind his tumultuous love life. In his words:

“People think he has had many marriages, many divorces, he must be a ladies man. And I can see why people would think so. The truth is that all the relationships I’ve had, none of them were one night stands. They were all long relationships of 6, 7, 8 years. Two relationships lasted for 15 years. None of them were quickies. These were all long and significant relationships and I have learnt a lot from them.”

What do you think about this epic fallout between Kabir Bedi and his daughter, Pooja Bedi?

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