Popular Condiments In Food That Aid In Quick Weightloss, From Cayenne Pepper To Turmeric

To our lesser-known knowledge, spices and herbs can help relieve many health issues. Well, check out these popular herbs that can aid in quick weight loss.


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Popular Condiments In Food That Aid In Quick Weightloss, From Cayenne Pepper To Turmeric

Indian spices have had quite a history for decades now. Apart from their delectable taste and aromatic fragrance, they have been a helpful addition to the field of health and medicine due to their unparalleled goodness and fantastic medicinal properties. We, too, are sure to have incorporated some or the other spices available at our home and used them as a home remedy for many illnesses.

Speaking of weight loss, it won't be wrong to assume that people have tried countless ways to shed off some extra kilos. From regular workouts, strict diets to fancy experiments with various medicines and treatments, nearly nothing has been left unturned to lose weight. However, unknown to our knowledge, some spices can boost quick weight loss. Check them out!

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#1. Cinnamon


One of the nicest smelling condiments, the first thing which comes to mind with the name of cinnamon is a delectable range of desserts. However, one of the other uses of cinnamon is perhaps in the field of weight loss. Cinnamon, when consumed in our diet regularly, can help curb excessive hunger, regulate blood sugar levels and gives the feeling of staying fuller for a long time.

#2. Cayenne pepper


Apart from the regular use of black pepper, cayenne pepper, on the other hand, raises the body temperature to boost metabolism and burn calories. Though it is highly spicy to taste, it is said that adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to the daily food intake can burn around 100 calories per meal.

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#3. Ginger


An aromatic condiment, ginger perfectly balances any excessive carb or sugar intake through food. In addition, it controls any unwanted spikes in glucose levels and contains antioxidants which boost the immune system. Most importantly, it contains thermogenic properties that increase body temperature when consumed, helping quick fat burn.

#4. Cumin


Consuming soaked cumin in the water early in the morning has been one of the most common pieces of advice towards weight loss. Cumin is said to have properties that help control excessive water content in the body, leading to unwarranted inflammation and bloating. It also controls body weight since cumin curbs hunger and appetite.

#5. Rosemary


A must herb for all our favourite Italian delicacies, rosemary is also an effective ingredient for weight management at home. Primarily, rosemary has been proven to aid in boosting metabolism. It improves gut health and digestion process extensively, thereby helping in faster weight loss, naturally.

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#6. Cardamom


Bringing life to almost all foods, cardamom is a unique spice among most kitchen shelves in India. However, a lesser-known fact about this condiment is that it could be a vital component in the weightloss journey due to its thermogenic property. It is also helpful in reducing feelings of being bloated, thereby toning the body of excess weight.

#7. Black pepper


Hailed as black gold and also one of the richest spices originating from the Indian lands, black pepper needs no introduction. A game changer in adding flavour to ordinary foods, it is rich in the element called piperine, which gives it a unique taste and the ability to control the production of excess fat cells when consumed. For the best weight loss results, a combination of cayenne pepper and black pepper is unbeatable.

#8. Turmeric


One of the most essential ingredients in Indian households, turmeric is a boon to those looking for weight loss. Ideally, turmeric functions by warming the usual body temperature. It becomes an indication of not just calorie burning but also of immediate weight loss.

Well, we hope you learnt the hidden miraculous properties of these common spices. Let us know!

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