Rakhi Sawant Kisses Husband, Ritesh Inside 'Bigg Boss 15' House, Latter Issues Apology To First Wife

'Bigg Boss 15' wildcard contestant, Rakhi Sawant kissed her husband, Ritesh, for the first time on national television. The latter issued an apology to his first wife, Snigdha Priya, on Twitter.


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Rakhi Sawant Kisses Husband, Ritesh Inside 'Bigg Boss 15' House, Latter Issues Apology To First Wife

The popular controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 15's wild card entrants, Rakhi Sawant and her husband, Ritesh, are hitting the headlines every now or then. After pictures from Ritesh's first marriage with his ex-wife, Snigdha Priya, had gone viral on the internet, it had made his current wife, Rakhi's massive fanbase got angry at him. Adding to the controversy, Ritesh's first wife, Snigdha Priya had also accused him of domestic violence, shocking everyone.

While outside the Bigg Boss 15's house, things aren't going according to the plans for Ritesh. It's indeed safe to say that he is having a golden time inside the house with his wife, Rakhi Sawant. The couple also locked lips in the show's recent episode, leaving everyone surprised and delighted.

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rakhi sawant ritesh husband

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi Sawant and her husband, Ritesh were having a romantic conversation with each other in the garden area. Soon, they were surrounded by other housemates, and both Rakhi and Ritesh shared details about their marriage with them. After which, everyone started screaming 'kiss kiss kiss' and urged the madly-in-love couple to seal it with a kiss. After which, Ritesh pulled Rakhi towards him in a filmy style and both got lost in each other's eyes for some seconds. The couple shared a kiss and stunned everyone.

Rakhi sawnat husband ritesh kiss bigg boss 15 episode

Rakhi sawnat husband ritesh kiss bigg boss 15 episode

While on one side, Rakhi Sawant and her husband, Ritesh's sweet kiss, is doing rounds on the internet, on the other hand, the latter's wedding pictures with his first wife, Snigdha Priya, had started a fresh controversy around their relationship. On December 11, 2021, an official apology from Ritesh's Twitter handle was issued to his ex-wife, Snigdha Priya. In his tweet, Ritesh revealed that the makers of the show had told him to share his wedding pictures, and he did that just for his professional gains. His tweet can be read as:

"Sorry guys for this but makers have told me to do so I have done for my courier [career] and future. So pls don't spread hate for me. I am simple guy. @BiggBoss see in this matter I am very shameful because of u. Sorry to all #BiggBoss15 fans. I am exposed."

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Rakhi sawnat husband ritesh bigg boss 15 ex-wife snigdha priya

According to the recent reports, Rakhi Sawant's husband, Ritesh's first wife, Snigdha Priya, had made some shocking allegations against him in a secretive interview with a news portal that had left their massive fanbase numb. The lady had stated that she had got separated from Ritesh after he had beaten her up for four hours continuously with a belt. Snigdha had also added that she and Ritesh used to live in Chennai, and it was in 2017 when she had decided to part ways with him. Sharing more details about their wedding, Snigdha had also revealed that her family had given Ritesh a dowry of Rs. 25 lakhs after he had claimed that he is an alumnus of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).

rakhi sawant husband ritesh

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Reports are rife that the makers of Bigg Boss 15 are planning to bring Ritesh's first wife, Snigdha Priya, on the show!

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