Ranbir Kapoor Recalls The One Time Rishi Had Thrashed Him, Says Neetu Used To Beat Him With Hangers

During a candid chat, Ranbir Kapoor recalled childhood memories with his parents. His mom, Neetu Kapoor, mentioned the values Rishi Kapoor instilled in their kids.


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Ranbir Kapoor Recalls The One Time Rishi Had Thrashed Him, Says Neetu Used To Beat Him With Hangers

Ranbir Kapoor is the doting son of late actor, Rishi Kapoor and his wife, Neetu Kapoor. While Ranbir and his mom, Neetu had a friendly bond, there was a sense of respect in him for his daddy. Thus, even after Rishi's demise in 2020 at the age of 67 after a long battle with cancer, Ranbir kept dedicating his work in the film industry to his daddy. He always wanted to make his Rishi proud. However, just like every India kid, Ranbir also got some thrashing from his parents during his childhood. Now, he revealed such incidents in a recent candid chat. 

Ranbir Kapoor talks about the one time when he got a thrashing from his dad, Rishi Kapoor

During his appearance alongside Neetu Kapoor and Ridhima Kapoor at The Great Indian Kapil Show, Ranbir Kapoor walked on memory lane and revealed unknown anecdotes from his childhood. He revealed the only time his late father, Rishi Kapoor hit him. Recalling the incident, Ranbir mentioned that his father was extremely religious. Thus, when once he was entering the RK studios during the Diwali puja, he had gone inside with his shoes on. Soon, he got a thrashing from his daddy. Further, explaining how his father used to scream at only those whom he loved, Ranbir explained:

"Mujhe ek hi baar bohot zor ki pari thi! Diwali puja at RK Studios. Papa bohot religious the. I think I was eight or nine years old. Toh main chappal pehenke andar chala gaya tha mandir mein. Toh mujhe dapli pari thi!"

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Ranbir then reveals how Neetu used to beat him in childhood

During the same conversation, Ranbir also joked about his mother, Neetu, and shared how she used to thrash him in his childhood. Ranbir mentioned that once, Neetu had thrashed him even with a hanger. Then, the show's host, Kapil Sharma, asked if Ranbir has changed after his marriage with Alia Bhatt. To this, the doting mommy mentioned that Ranbir has become a much better person, and now, he also values relationships a lot more. 


Neetu Kapoor reveals what values Raha will get that are instilled by Rishi Kapoor in Ranbir Kapoor

In the same conversation, Neetu praised both her kids, Ranbir and Riddhima, for their values and mentioned how they have never spoken loudly to her. Moreover, the actress explained how her late husband, Rishi had instilled these values in their kids, which according to her, will also be inculcated in Raha. Neetu said:

“Both my children are very cool. Riddhima is also very calm. They have never spoken loudly to anyone. I think the values they have were instilled by my husband Rishi Kapoor. The most important thing is respecting other people and respecting money. He was very strict, and my children would watch and learn. I think these same values will be inculcated in Raha as well.”

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Neetu on the limited pocket money Rishi used to give to Ranbir and Riddhima

Neetu further added about Rishi's principles. She mentioned that her late husband used to give limited pocket money to their kids. Thus, when Ranbir and Riddhima had to buy anything else and needed some more bucks other than the money they were given, Neetu used to become the provider. She shared:

“When these two used to study, Rishi Ji would always give them pocket money. He gave them 10 dollars for lunch and 10 dollars for dinner. If they had to buy anything extra, there was no need to ask for it. I would simply give it to them.”


What do you think about the thrashing Ranbir got from his parents? Isn't it relatable to every Indian kid? Let us know!

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