When Rashami Desai Talked About Abusive Marriage And Ugly Divorce With Ex-Husband, Nandish Sandhu

Many people had blamed Rashami Desai for her failed marriage with Nandish Sandhu. Here is the truth behind her ugly divorce and all the men she has dated after separation from Nandish.


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When Rashami Desai Talked About Abusive Marriage And Ugly Divorce With Ex-Husband, Nandish Sandhu

Rashami Desai had met Nandish Sandhu on the sets of their popular television show, Uttaran, where they had played each other's love interest. In the initial days of the show, the duo couldn't stand each other and would have constant fights, but later on, they had fallen in love. She had married her on-screen husband, Nandish in 2012, but soon after, there were reports of troubles in the newlyweds’ paradise.

Rashami Desi and Nandish Sandhu had separated soon after their wedding. They were finally granted divorce in 2016. While many had blamed Rashami’s over-possessiveness for their broken marriage, the actress has, over the years, shared her side of the story in many interviews. After their divorce news had become public, the blame game between the two had begun as to who was at fault in their four years of marriage.

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When Rashami Desai addressed the split with Nandish Sandhu

Rashami Desai Divorce Nandish Sandhu

Many people had blamed Rashami Desai for their failed marriage. Sources had blamed her over-possessive nature as the main reason behind their split. Rashami Desai had decided to break her silence and had shared the real story behind her ugly divorce with Nandish Sandhu in an interview with Missmalini.com. Calling it Nandish's PR's strategy to put all the blame on her, Rashami had said: 

“You know there’s a website called India Forums. They’ve been handling Nandish’s PR and I don’t have a problem but they’ve been giving one-sided stories from Nandish’s end. I’ve never felt the need to explain myself or my relationship to anyone – but there are all sorts of rumours that pin point me and claim that Nandish is completely innocent. In a marriage, I know it is two people’s responsibility, but my relationship was always abusive. India Forums is making it super ugly. They’re only printing one-sided articles about him giving his 100%, when it’s just not true. What are you trying to prove? It’s false information."

Rashami Desai had further stated that people wonder why she had left their house. She had added that they had problems for three years and she was always thrown out of their house. She had mentioned:

"We’ve had problems for three years now. Why did I leave the house? I’ve never spoken about this – but mujhe humesha ghar se nikala jaataa! If he gave his 100% yeh cheezein hoti hi nahi na.”

When Rashami Desai talked about the blame of being an over-possessive wife

Rashmi and Nandish Divorce, Image Credit Instagram

As Rashami Desai was blamed for everything she would do and was tagged as an 'over-possessive wife', in the same interview, she had shared that she had never doubted Nandish. Stating that she had given her 100 per cent in the relationship and was too busy with her work to be insecure, Rashami had added:

“I’ve never had a problem with any of his female friends. I’ve never doubted him regarding even one of them. And if I have, I’ve asked him directly. I’ve never spoken about this to people. And somehow suddenly all the problems are in me. I gave the relationship my 100%, then why should things be portrayed in this light? How will I be insecure? I’m always busy with work and travelling. I don’t have the time.”

At that time, after their divorce, Nandish Sandhu was rumoured to be dating a model. Rashami Desai had reacted on the same and had wished him luck. She had said:

"I have no idea if he’s dating someone or not. But even if he is in a relationship, I don’t have a problem. I wish him luck. He’s free to lead his life the way he wants to. My best wishes are always there. I’ve never had the need to ask him if any rumour about him is true, neither do I need to know.

Rashami Desai on her abusive wedding with Nandish Sandhu

rashami nandish

Rashami Desai has always mentioned that she was in an abusive marriage with Nandish Sandhu, and yet she was the one, who was blamed. She had also mentioned that there is a lot about him that she could have brought into the limelight, but she won't talk about it. 

“But to point fingers at me and claiming you did everything to save it – I’m sorry, my relationship was always abusive! I’ve not been staying with him for more than 3 years now, and there are so many things I could’ve revealed about him if I wanted to. I don’t want to say anything in particular, but jo samajhne wale hain woh samajh jaenge.”

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Rashami Desai on why she had participated in Nach Baliye with Nandish Sandhu

Rashami Desai Nandish Sandhu In Nach Baliye

Rashami Desai and Nandish Sandhu had participated in the couple dance reality show, Nach Baliye in 2015 despite a broken married life. The cracks in their relationship were out in public as with every new episode, the two would divulge new shocking details about their personal life. When Rashami was asked why she had participated in the reality show, she had shared that she had considered it as another chance from God to mend their relationship. She had said: 

“I thought with Nach Baliye, maybe God has given us one more chance. But right after the show, again another incident happened, that’s when I decided for sure that I want to come out of the relationship. I wasn’t happy, he wasn’t happy.  I will be talking about these incidents if I’m bullied more. I will talk about it on a larger scale.”

Rashami had further opened up about her decision of never talking with Nandish after the third day on Nach Baliye as something had happened between them. She had mentioned that after sending a divorce notice for two years, Nandish's lawyer had got in touch with them and their lawyers had handled the situation. Sharing about not being in talking terms with Nandish, Rashami had quipped:

“We aren’t talking at all. On the third day on Nach Baliye, something happened between us that we stopped talking. I’ve called him about 2-3 times since then to convey the fact that I want out of this relationship. I sent him a notice two years ago, which he kept avoiding. Two years later, his lawyers got in touch to say that he is ready for a mutual separation. I respected that and since then, our lawyers have been talking. We have no communication.”

Rashami Desai on why she kept going back to Nandish Sandhu

Rashmi and Nandish Divorce, Image Credit Instagram

Rashami and Nandish had troubled wedded life for years. However, Rashami used to always end up going back to Nandish. Talking about the same, Rashami had mentioned that she was genuinely in love with Nandish and had believed in mending her relationship. Sharing that she had never seen women being insulted in her household, Rashami had replied:

“I genuinely loved him. And I genuinely believe that a relationship needs to be built. And if you can’t continue, then it’s important to end it on a beautiful note. And the world is very small. Everyone crosses paths all the time. I’ve never seen things like this happening in my household. Women are never insulted. But I was disrespected for over 3 years and after a point, I knew this was just not happening. I thought after this, tum apne raaste jaao, main apne. But something else was only happening is why I decided to speak up.”

Rashami Desai on support from family and close friends

Rashami Desai mother

Rashami's wedding with Nandish had distanced her from her family. Her mother had found it hard to accept the fact that her daughter was heading for a divorce. However, her friends had supported her and had asked her to talk about the problems she had faced in public. Talking about the same, Rashami had remarked:

“My family is very disturbed. I come from a very conservative family so when I opened up to my mother, it was very difficult for everyone. But she told me that whatever my decision is, she’ll accept it and respect it. Only my closest friends knew the kind of pain I was in. And they’re still with me. And everyone told me that I should talk about the issues too. But I was of the belief that bolne ki liye even I can say so many things, but what will we achieve from that? But today I realized that I should talk about everything and the shit I’ve gone through.”

Rashami on how she had felt after divorce from Nandish

At the end of the interview, Rashami Desai had talked about how she had married Nandish with all traditions and was happy to start a new chapter in her life. She had mentioned that with Nandish, she had seen both good and bad in life. Rashami had concluded:

“How will I be doing? Maine bohot khushi se shaadi ki thhi rasmo-riwaaj ke sath ki thhi. And after that if things don’t work out, it’s very painful. I don’t know right now. I can’t trust anyone. I have seen horrible things.  I have everything today – a good house, a family… but everything hurts. I really loved him and I wanted to come out in a beautiful way, but he’s made it very ugly. I have seen very good times with him – but I’ve also seen very very bad times.”

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Men in Rashami Desai's life

Rashami Desai

After her divorce from Nandish Sandhu, Rashami Desai has been linked with many actors. While she has refuted some relationship rumours, some had a terrible end. Here are all the men, Rashami Desai was linked with after a failed wedding with Nandish Sandhu.

Rashami Desai's alleged affair with late Sidharth Shukla 

Sidharth Shukla Rashami Desai

It was during the shoot of Dil Se Dil Tak when Rashami Desai and late Sidharth Shukla were rumoured to be dating. Sidharth had always refuted the rumours and had called them baseless. However, according to a report of Times Now, a source close to both the actors had revealed:

"Rashami has developed a serious liking for Sidharth, and he has also been reciprocating. Only time will tell if it's a serious relationship or not, but for the moment, they are spending a lot of time together."

However, later, Sidharth Shukla had dismissed the rumours and had stated:

"There is no truth to this story. It's plain gossip. It might be for the show's promotions!"

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Rashami Desai's affair with Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan

In 2019, rumours were rife that Rashami Desai had found love in a diamond merchant-turned-actor, Arhaan Khan. Rashami's relationship with Arhaan had come out in the open when they had participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss 13. While her fans were hoping that her game will get strong, Arhaan’s lies and betrayal’s had broken her heart on national television, and they had an ugly breakup. 

rashami and arhaan

During their sting in BB 13, Rashami was informed by the host of the show, Salman Khan about all the frauds Arhaan had done behind her back. From hiding about his relationship and child from Rashami to using her house in her absence, Arhaan’s lies were shared on national television. After that, a lot was said and done and later, both Rashami and Arhaan had moved on in their lives.

Rashami Desai's fondness for Umar Riaz

rashami umar

The brewing romance between Rashami Desai and Umar Riaz is turning into a cute love story inside Bigg Boss 15. Their cute banter and the way they always protect and defend each other has been hitting the headlines and viewers are sure that something is brewing between them. In one of the episodes, Rashami was spotted sitting on Umar's lap, which had ignited curiosity about their relationship status among the other contestants of Bigg Boss 15. Seeing them in a cosy situation, Rakhi had asked, "Love lapata ho raha hai hai yahan?" To which Umar had replied:

"It is trending everywhere. It's winter so you need the warm feeling. When I feel hot, I will say chal hatt."

umar rashami

In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 15, Rashami and her co-contestant, Rajiv Adatia were seen having a conversation, where he had told her that Umar likes her. However, the actress had looked unconvinced after hearing about Umar's feelings towards her. In one episode, Rashami was heard saying, "I am his girlfriend" when the housemates had teased Umar. They have confessed their fondness for each other time and again, and now only the future will tell the course of their relationship.

Well, Rashami Desai is a strong woman to have dealt with a brutal married life and yet stand on her feet. Despite everything, she has not given up on love. Here is wishing her a happy life ahead!

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