Ravie Dubey Recalls Battling Suicidal Thoughts While Failing Engineering, Reveals What Saved Him

In a recent interview, Ravie Dubey talked about battling suicidal thoughts and shared what saved him from those dark times.


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Ravie Dubey Recalls Battling Suicidal Thoughts While Failing Engineering, Reveals What Saved Him

Popular television actor, Ravie Dubey is a talented and versatile celebrity who has been there in the entertainment industry for a long time now. He has been part of many TV shows, like 12/24 Karol Bagh, Saas Bina Sasural, Doli Saja Ke and Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar. However, the actor rose to the limelight as he won the hearts of audiences with his stint on the show, Jamai Raja. Ravie has been happily married to actress, Sargun Mehta for almost eight years. 

Ravie Dubey talks about battling suicidal thoughts

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Ravie Dubey opened up about battling suicidal thoughts at an early age and confessed that he gave up easily. The actor further shared that it happened when he was failing engineering and thought that he has no way ahead. He used to go to college, but he was somewhere else in his mind. Sharing the details, Ravie mentioned that he had a foggy brain and it was all a little overwhelming for him. In his words:

"I think at that point in time my life force was very weak so it wasn't the fact that I was failing engineering, but I thought that there is no path forward. I thought I'd given 4 years to engineering, and my family has invested their time, money and more important than that, their faith in me. I go to college, and I just go to college mechanically, that's about it, I'm not present there, I'm in my own head, I'm somewhere, and I can't even pinpoint with accuracy where is that because if I find that then I might be actually able to find where am I supposed to be heading right now. But I was constantly with a foggy brain just walking like a zombie during that time and that kind of got a little overwhelming."

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Further in the interview, Ravie recalled those dark times and shared that he strengthened his inner side and spiritual immune system to overcome the situation. He also mentioned that he suffered major crises after that, but he maintained an optimistic outlook towards life. Talking about the same, he said:

"As I reflect back on it, that time has truly made me very very powerful on the inside and has given me an inner immune system. A spiritual immune system that can withstand anything because I have seen more crises after that, but I think I have been very very optimistic when in the face of it, and in fact, I've been very convinced that it's happening for the greater glory and more often than that it has turned out to be that touches."

Reflecting on the same, Ravie also mentioned that everything happens for good, so it all lies in the way you perceive it. He shared that if we look at things in a negative way, it would definitely turn negative for us. He added:

"Our ancestors often said that we should believe that everything is happening for the good, and then everything will certainly happen for the good. If you think that whatever is happening will completely overwhelm and destroy one's life, existence and self-worth, then that would happen. So the choice entirely lies in how you're perceiving it."

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Ravie shared what saved him from suicidal thoughts

Further, Ravie Dubey revealed that it was his belief in spirituality that saved him. Elaborating on the same, the actor shared that he started spending some time alone to silence the noise within him. He further mentioned that it is necessary to choose the right people and books to invest in and added:

"Spending time in silence would be a major thing because what actually overwhelms you is not the circumstance it's the noise, and the noise is within, so if you can somehow find a way to quiet the noise you will be able to see that the next moment is not yet happened. You can empower yourself more than anybody else. Choosing the right kind of people to invest in, the right kind of conversations to invest in, the right kind of content to invest in, and the right kind of books to invest in, so the right choice is going to empower you. It is going to make your, roots really strong."

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