Arjun Kapoor's Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Workout Routine That Transformed Him From Fat To Fit

Arjun Kapoor's stunning weight loss journey and how he got those ‘to-die-for' abs.


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Arjun Kapoor's Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Workout Routine That Transformed Him From Fat To Fit

With his debut movie, Ishaqzaade, he became a heartthrob of million girls. Not only his acting skills impressed everyone, but also his Tevar became the talk of the town. Soon after, the actor was seen romancing the leading ladies of the tinsel town, like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt, to name a few. Yes, you are right; we are talking about none other than Arjun Kapoor.

However, did you know that before making those six-packs and a body to die for, the actor actually weighted 140 kilos? Must be hard to digest, isn’t it? But, by following a strict exercise regime and diet plan, Arjun Kapoor transformed himself completely. So guys, if you had always been complaining that we bring the inspiring weight loss stories only for our pretty ladies, then here is the one for you.

The Beginning

arjun kapoor weight loss

Before joining the Bollywood bandwagon, Arjun Kapoor struggled a lot with his weight. At 140 kilos, he could not fit into any airline seats because he was in his own words, “fat!” Well, when we talk about any airline seat, what we mean is the economy seat, of course. The actor could only fly business class owing to their wider seats. He could not run for more than 10 seconds and was always lethargic, temperamental and grouchy. And, he even suffered from asthma at the age of 22.

Arjun himself confessed in an interview to a leading daily, “Being fat was part of my life. Actually, I never wanted to lose weight, content with what I was. But I knew I was lying to myself that I was happy being this way.”

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arjun kapoor diet

Before becoming an actor, Arjun even assisted filmmaker Nikhil Advani on films like Kal Ho Naa Ho and Salaam-e-Ishq. Well, it was during that time when he realised that he was not satisfied with just being behind the camera. Arjun Kapoor wanted to become an actor and those around him, also saw a spark of talent in him. But, what was standing between him and his dream? It was of course those 50 extra kgs. And, all he needed was a source of inspiration to change things for good.

arjun kapoor diet

The Inspiration, Salman Khan

Son of the ace Bollywood director, Boney Kapoor, Arjun took everyone by surprise when he appeared with a chiselled physique and sculpted muscles in his first movie. His source of inspiration to get in shape was none other than the Dabangg actor, Salman Khan. Arjun believes that Salman was the one who spotted the acting talent in him.

The actor himself once mentioned, “Salman bhai never promised the world to me. All he told me was that I could be an actor if I shed weight.”

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arjun kapoor weight

So, when Arjun decided to make acting his profession, there was no looking back for him. What followed next was years of rigorous battle with his body fat. The Kapoor lad says:

“I travelled with Salman Khan. We worked out together, and he kept a strict vigil on what I was eating. That man knows no pain. He psyched me into becoming a machine that didn't do anything but lose weight. His dedication, discipline in life rubbed on me, and whatever I am today, I am like this only because of him.”

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Arjun Kapoor's Workout Regime

Arjun Kapoor weight loss

He knew that getting back in shape was not going to happen overnight. So, by following a strict exercise regime with strong determination and willpower, he managed to lose 50 kgs in four years! 

His workout includes:

  • Weight training and cardio exercises
  • Circuit training
  • CrossFit training
  • Bench press
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups

Arjun Kapoor weight loss

The star swears by 20 minutes of CrossFit training, which is a high-intensity full-body workout. The 2 States actor says, “When you stabilise yourself with your core, you can do any amount of lifting you want.”

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Arjun Kapoor's Diet Plan

Arjun Kapoor is a foodie and a meat lover by nature. In fact, at one point of time, Arjun could eat six McDonalds burger at one go! However, when he realised that losing weight without a proper diet plan is impossible, he decided to stay away from junk food.

Arjun Kapoor weight loss

“Losing weight isn’t only about hitting the gym every day, or keeping a check on your diet. It is a combination of the two. I recognised that I have to make adjustments to my diet and if I ever overeat, I need to work it off in the gym.”

His diet includes:

  • Breakfast: Toast, four to six egg whites with an egg yolk
  • Lunch: Bajra roti or atta roti, dal, sabzi and chicken
  • Dinner: Fish or chicken and rice
  • Supplement: A protein shake after a workout is a must.

Instead of white rice, he prefers eating quinoa, a South American grain that is a good source of protein. Arjun Kapoor avoids sweets and stays away from the carbs. Sugar is a big no for him. He has replaced sugar with healthier options, like strawberries, pineapples, etc. In order to stay away from sweets, he also started drinking black coffee.

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Arjun Kapoor weight loss

From being a chubby boy to becoming a star with six-pack abs, Arjun Kapoor has come a long way. And, here is what our Gunday actor learnt from his journey, “NEVER GIVE UP! Patience is the key. You have to live through each day, one day at a time. Fight the bad days just like you revel in the good ones. And never set any target date.”

And, now that all the efforts of this handsome hunk have paid off, look what he recently shared with his fans on Instagram:

Arjun Kapoor weight loss

Not just that, the actor also captioned the image saying, "That's some serious Before and After right there!" Well, quite a good way to inspire others, right?

So guys, what are you waiting for? Take a lesson from Arjun Kapoor's inspiring weight loss journey and get ready to flaunt abs like him.

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