You'll Fully Relate To These Pros & Cons Of Winter Wedding If You've Or Will Get Married In Winters


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You'll Fully Relate To These Pros & Cons Of Winter Wedding If You've Or Will Get Married In Winters

Setting a wedding date is never an easy task; there are so many things that the soon-to-be married couples and their families have to look into. In India, most weddings usually take place during the summer or the winter season, when most auspicious mahurats happen to fall. Both these wedding seasons have some advantages and disadvantages, not just for the couple, but for the guests as well. So, keeping this in mind, we decided to do a two-part series, Summer vs. Winter Weddings.

We have given you a complete lowdown on a summer wedding; and if you missed it, here are Pros and Cons of a Summer Wedding. Now, take a look at the second part, where we tell you about a winter wedding. A winter wedding is special and unique for several reasons. Check below for some quick pros and cons of getting married in the winter months.

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Cool climate

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Winters in India are just lovely. Whether you are the bride, the groom or a wedding guest, you can don all those gorgeous outfits and makeup, without the fear of sweat trickling down your skin and destroying it all. The climate is cool and very comfortable, and everyone can look forward to enjoying the wedding without worrying about the heat.

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More theme options

For a winter wedding, your choices are not confined to dull marriage halls. You can opt to have a park, beach, or backyard wedding, with nature as a colourful backdrop. It is easier to get creative with wedding venues and decor during the winter days, whether it is daytime wedding or a night time celebration.

Express love for velvet and silk freely 

Winters are a perfect time to bring out the rich silk and velvet wears. Whether you are getting married or attending one, feel free to explore the royal fabrics and heavy embroideries. It is not only a perfect way to save yourself from the chilly weather, but also don them freely without worrying about heat and sweat.

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High booking costs

Most weddings in the country happen during this time of the year, and vendors tend to get booked quickly. You will need to book much in advance, and even if you get your dream venue, you might have to pay more, as vendors generally raise their prices during the busy season due to a high demand. Popular spots, sometimes, are reserved 6-12 months in advance!

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Additional costs

Apart from the high-booking costs, you might have to shell out extra to ensure that your guests stay warm during the wedding. From making arrangements for warm shawls, angeethis, heaters to sometimes even shifting the wedding indoors, can be some of the things you might have to think over during the winter season.

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The threat of bad weather

Image Courtesy: Monsoon Wedding

In some parts of the country, the possibility of severe cold increases as you roll into the winter months. If extreme cold weather continues, the chances of your guests turning up at the venue might become a challenge, which might cause a lot of wastage of food and money.

Dreading the backless and sleeveless

Ladies, if you love showcasing your shapely arms, flat bellies, and spotless backs in all the short and backless cholis, then you might have to re-think of choosing the winter season to have a wedding or attending one. You might brave the chill with your fashion determination, but will you be able to sustain that brave smile all night long?

Exam time

Since we are mentioning all the pros and cons, we just couldn’t leave this one out. Winter is the exam season in the country, for almost all schools and colleges. This can be a problem for the younger cousins and relatives with young kids, as most people tend to skip the weddings.

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Whether you are getting married in summer or winter, it is ultimately all about your preference. These tips will help you have a fun and romantic wedding, irrespective of the time of the year, and prepare you against any surprises!

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