Rubina Dilaik Lost 11 Kg In 55 Days Post Delivering Twins And Resumes Work, Reveals Her Core Workout

In her latest vlog, Rubina Dilaik spills the beans on her postpartum transformation and revealed that she lost 11 kg in 55 days after her delivery.


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Rubina Dilaik Lost 11 Kg In 55 Days Post Delivering Twins And Resumes Work, Reveals Her Core Workout

Rubina Dilaik is married to the man of her dreams, Abhinav Shukla, and the duo is blessed with two adorable twin daughters, Edhaa and Jeeva. It was on November 27, 2023, when Rubina gave birth to her daughter and embraced motherhood. Now, the actress has slowly resumed work and given a glimpse into her first shoot post-pregnancy in her latest vlog. 

Rubina Dilaik lost around 11 kg in 55 days post-delivery

In her latest vlog, Rubina Dilaik shared that it has been 55 days since she gave birth to her twin daughters, and she had promised herself that she would resume work within three months. Moreover, she shared that she had kept her old dress, which she used to wear pre-pregnancy, and challenged herself to work hard so that she could fit in the dress now. In her words:

"55 days have passed since the time I have delivered and since the time I have been blessed with two beautiful miracles, my daughters. I had promised myself that within three months, I would resume my work. I had kept an old dress for myself, which is my size. I used to wear it before conceiving. So I kept that dress aside, thinking that I would wear this dress within three months. I will work hard."

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Rubina Dilaik on resuming work after embracing motherhood

Rubina also shared that it was the first time that she was going to devote six to seven hours to her work after embracing motherhood. Speaking along the same lines, she revealed that she has a strong support system at home, and thus, she was able to do so. The actress added that she was going to do her first photoshoot after pregnancy and said:

"After so many days, for the first time, I will devote six to seven hours to my work. It is not possible after spending so much time with my daughters. But definitely, I am blessed that I have a strong support system at home. My family is extremely supportive. Today I am more nervous than excitement. By the way, I am going to do my first photoshoot after pregnancy."

Rubina Dilaik spilled the beans on losing weight post-pregnancy

Further in the video, Rubina Dilaik showed the dress, which she had kept as an inspiration. The actress shared that though she is still a bit overweight and fat, she feels confident in herself. Stating that she has always emphasised the importance of healthy living, Rubina revealed that she reduced almost 11 kgs of weight in 55 days. She added:

"Even though I am still a bit overweight and fat, I am confident in myself. More than my body shape, I have always given importance to healthy living. If I don't sound like I'm bragging, I would like to share with you that I have reduced almost 11 kgs of weight in these 55 days. I really want to face the camera again because that's what I love. This is the outfit that I had kept for myself as a source of inspiration and a mark that if I fit in this, that means I'm slowly and steadily getting back to my normal shape inside. I did fit in."

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Rubina Dilaik on her hardcore workout regimen

Talking about her fitness regimen, Rubina Dilaik shared that she was advised to begin with core exercises for muscle strengthening. She added that since she had twins, her belly expanded a lot and some of the muscles were unable to retreat. However, the actress said that the process of postpartum transformation is not easy and said:

"My gynaecologist has said that 'now you should begin with core exercises'. So, in pilates, I have to just focus on core exercises so these muscles strengthen because the doctor told me that because they are twins, the belly expands a lot, so some muscles are not able to retreat. I can say with full assurance to all the mothers who work as well, it is just not easy and I am still at the tip of the iceberg."

Rubina Dilaik reveals she feels hungry all the time

Talking about gearing back to work, Rubina shared that since she has been breastfeeding her twins, she feels very hungry all the time. She also shared that it was the first time that she was late to her work commitment and she felt terrible about it. The newbie mommy talked about her sleep schedule and shared:

"For the first time ever, I am 2 hours late due to my work commitment. And I really really feel terrible about it. When I am doing my makeup, I feel like I'm forgetting something, I'm forgetting something. I think it's like brain is fogged. This is like the very first shoot after delivery. So now I will get a hang of it. I've been up since 3.30. Just took a nap around, yeah. Just took a nap around between 4 to 5. And by 5, we are like on wheels."

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