'Anupamaa' Fame Rupali Ganguly's Unseen Photo As A New Bride, Flaunts Shankha Pola And Mangalsutra

We got our hands on 'Anupamaa' fame, Rupali Ganguly's post-wedding picture as a new bride. She looked beautiful flaunting her 'shankha pola' and 'mangalsutra'.


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'Anupamaa' Fame Rupali Ganguly's Unseen Photo As A New Bride, Flaunts Shankha Pola And Mangalsutra

Anupamaa and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai fame, Rupali Ganguly had found her soulmate in an ad filmmaker, Ashwin K Verma. After meeting at an ad shoot, Rupali and Ashwin had become friends, and their friendship had bloomed further, and ultimately they had fallen hard for each other. In their 12 years-long friendship, they had never realised that things have taken a shape of love between them. It was 5 years before their marriage when Rupali had finally acknowledged that both of them are madly in love with each other.

In 2013, Rupali Ganguly had tied the knot with her long-time friend, Ashwin K Verma. In 2015, Rupali had embraced motherhood and had welcomed a baby boy, Rudransh. After delivering her baby boy, Rupali had taken a sabbatical from acting. It was after seven years that she had made her comeback into acting with her popular show, Anupamaa, making her the highest-paid actress of Telly world.

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As Rupali Ganguly has many fan pages, we got our hands on an unseen picture of her from her wedding exuding a new bride glow. In the picture, Rupali can be seen posing with her late father, Anil Ganguly, her mother, Rajni Ganguly, her brother, Vijay Ganguly and her husband, Ashwin K Verma. In the photo, Rupali can be seen wearing a red banarasi saree with a blue border which she teamed with a blue brocade blouse. Rupali can be seen adorned with gold jewellery, however, her shankha pola, mangalsutra, sindoor and mehendi clad hands added the new bride vibe to her whole look. Check out!

Rupali Ganguly New Bride look

Talking about Rupali Ganguly and Ashwin K Verma’s wedding, her parents always knew that she is going to marry him someday for sure. When Ashwin and Rupali had started to give in some thought to the idea of getting married, his sister and brother-in-law had come to India from Chicago and had asked why they are not getting married. They had their return ticket on February 8, 2013. So everything got decided, and their date got fixed on February 6, 2013.

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On February 6, 2013, Ashwin and Rupali had finally tied the knot and were pronounced as Mr and Mrs. It was a Bengali wedding and the actress had worn shankhapola and a Banarasi saree. In one of the interviews with The Times Of India, Rupali had shared that they always wanted to get married among their close friends and families. But Rupali couldn't even realise what was happening as everything happened so fast. Before she could process, Rupali was married to her best friend. Amidst all of the hustle-bustle, Rupali had missed inviting a few of her friends. She had said:

"We did not intend to hide. We just wanted to avoid the chaos. If I were 23 or 24, I would have loved all that jazz. But in your 30s, all this seems very superficial."


For her wedding, Rupali had not even got the time to sew a blouse, so she had opted for a jugaad and had paired her outfit with an old blouse. Ashwin had reached mandap very late. In one of her interviews, she had mentioned that everyone had thought that he had run away. The pandit was in a hurry, too, because he had another wedding to attend, and as soon as Ashwin had stepped in, he had started reciting mantras. For their wedding, Ashwin had worn casual pants and a shirt, and Rupali was surprised to see him like that.

In an interview with The Times of India, Rupali had shared:

"I was howling and throwing tantrums since I didn’t have a sari to wear on my wedding. Ashwin was his calm self. He said, ‘Why don’t you wear your jeans and come?’ Then I took out one of the new saris that I had bought last October for my court wedding, which did not happen as I did not have time. It was a simple sari. Then on my actual wedding morning, I sent it to my designer to glam it up a bit. I paired it with an old blouse and petticoat that I had worn on my brother’s wedding.  Last moment it tore near the arms because I had gained weight and then again there was chaos. I went shopping in the morning as I had no shoes either. At 2 pm I realized that there was no one to do the makeup. I convinced a makeup artist who was drinking with friends to come and do my makeup."


Isn’t Rupali Ganguly looking gorgeous in her new bride avatar post-wedding?