When Salim Khan Had Revealed He Wasn't Allowed To Meet His Mother For Four Years Before Her Death

The veteran scriptwriter, Salim Khan had made millions of fans through his storytelling skills, but not many know that he holds a lot of secrets. Scroll down to know a glimpse of his early life!


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When Salim Khan Had Revealed He Wasn't Allowed To Meet His Mother For Four Years Before Her Death

Believe it or not, but only a mom has the potential to change the world. Her love is the most powerful force in this entire world and they shape the individuality of a child. However, nothing hurts more than when you lose your mother at a young age and without any final goodbyes. And veteran screenwriter, Salim Khan had gone through a similar phase at a tender age of nine. He still hasn't gotten over the pain and this experience changed him. (Recommend Read: Salim Khan's Love Life: After Breaking Stereotypes, Happily Lives With Two Wives Under One Roof)

For those who don't know, Salim Khan hails from Indore. He was born during the British rule on November 24, 1935. He had seen a lot of ups and downs in his life and had received a lot of love from people. However, it is his childhood turmoil that shaped him and made him get closer to his children, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Alvira Khan and Arpita Khan.

Salim Khan two marriages still a happy family

In a throwback interview with Gaon Connection, Salim Khan had opened up on his early years in his childhood home in Indore. The actor had called his childhood experience luxurious yet full of emotional pain. He had shared that his life was good then, but it was tragic at the same time. He was the youngest in his family and at the mere age of nine, he had lost his mother. The screenwriter had revealed, "I was not allowed to meet her for the last four years of her life as she had TB. There was no cure for the disease then and it was contagious. Even doctors would take the necessary precautions. A separate cottage was built for her in the compound, where she lived. Her food was given to her there. Her utensils were kept separate. Every year, for four months she stayed at Bhowali in Nainital, and would stay in Indore during winter and rainy season."

Salim Khan had further talked about the emotional pain of seeing his mother going through so much pain caused by then-deadly disease- TB. He had said, "My mother was bed-ridden for four years. There is this incidence I want to talk about. One day she was sitting in the garden. I was playing close by. She asked the household help who I was. When she was informed I was her youngest son, she called for me. I wanted to go close to her, but she stopped me. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had no expression, her face was pretty much straight, but she was weeping." (Also Read: Daddy Salim Khan Spilled All The Beans On Nation's Favourite Topic: 'Salman Khan's Wedding')

Salim sahab had also revealed that he wasn't close to his father during the early years of his life, but after his mother's death, he had bonded with his father. He had revealed that he had spent first five years of his life with his mother. It was only in the last four years of her life that Salim Khan wasn't able to meet her. He had said, "I bonded with my father after my mother died. He would provide me with everything. I was fond of cricket. Whenever I asked for a new ball or bat, he would take me to a store. He, however, died a year after my mother's death. While my mother was alive, I was not close to my father. I was scared of him. But after she passed away, he softened."

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After this childhood experience, Salim Khan had taken an important decision of being friends with his own children. He had said, "It was then that I decided that I will be friends with my children. I made sure that they are not scared of me. They share their issues with me, they connect with me emotionally. I give them advices. The good thing is that they realise an experienced person is one step ahead of them. They may be more knowledgeable than me, they may be more intelligent than me, they could be more educated than me, which they are not, but they know that I am an experienced person and that there is no substitute for that." (Don't Miss: Salman Khan Reveals An Unknown Fact About His Father, Salim Khan At 'The Kapil Sharma Show')

Well, Salim Khan is definitely a perfect father! 

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