Salman Khan Was Abbas-Mustan's First Choice For 'Baazigar', Actor Reveals Why He Rejected The Role

Throwback to the time when Salman Khan revealed the reason why he rejected Abbas-Mustan's offer to play the lead in 'Baazigar', which turned out to be the game changer in Shah Rukh Khan's career.


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Salman Khan Was Abbas-Mustan's First Choice For 'Baazigar', Actor Reveals Why He Rejected The Role

Bollywood’s bhaijaan, Salman Khan is undoubtedly the biggest movie star in the Hindi film industry, and it has been the scenario for so many years. From breaking box-office records with his films to headlining any event with his mere glimpse, Salman Khan’s super-stardom in India is unlike any other celebrity. In his illustrious career, Salman has been a part of so many memorable films, but do you know he was the first choice for the film, Baazigar? The film that took Shah Rukh Khan’s career to a whole new level.

When Salman Khan revealed why he rejected Abbas-Mustan's script for Baazigar

Once during his appearance on the comedy-reality show, The Kapil Sharma Show, Salman Khan talked about the films that he rejected and how they went on to change the fortunes of the actors, who worked in them. However, it was the mention of Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic film, Baazigar, that grabbed everyone’s attention. In his confession, Salman shared that the film’s directors, Abbas-Mustan offered him the role of 'Vicky Malhotra' in Baazigar. The actor admitted that he had found the character ‘too dark’. He even suggested Abbas-Mustan to add a mother angle into it to lighten the character’s arc. He had said:

"I liked Baazigar, but I found the character too negative. So I told Abbas-Mustan to add a mother-like character."

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Further in the revelation, Salman Khan also revealed that initially, both the directors, Abbas and Mustan had laughed at his decision to add a mother angle to the story. The actor admitted that it was a suggestion from his father, Salim Khan, who is still regarded as one of the finest writers in Indian cinema.

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Salman Khan further revealed that after he had rejected the role because Abbas-Mustan weren’t ready to put a mother angle in Baazigar, they signed Shah Rukh Khan. However, when the film was released, Abbas-Mustan called and thanked him for suggesting the mother angle, as they had used it in the film. Recalling the same, Salman had said:

"Both the brothers laughed at us, saying that this is very cliche. This was dad’s suggestion that he is doing this for his mother. Anyway, we left the film and SRK signed the film. They (Abbas-Mustan) saw the film. After the entire film was completed, they called me and said that mother idea that you had na, we are adding to the film. Thank you very much."

When Salman Khan admitted he didn’t regret not doing Baazigar

Once in an interview with The Indian Express, Salman Khan opened up about not doing Baazigar and made a statement that received mixed reviews. It was in 2007 when Salman admitted that if he had said 'Yes' to Abbas-Mustan’s offer to work in Baazigar as lead, there would be no Mannat standing in Bandstand today. The actor said:

"I don’t regret it at all. Just imagine, if I had done Baazigar then there would be no Mannat standing in Bandstand today. I’m very happy for Shah Rukh and his success."

Not only Baazigar, Salman Khan had also rejected the role of 'Kabir Khan' in Chak De! India, which Shah Rukh Khan later on played, and received immense appreciation for it.

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