Sangita Ghosh And Shailendra Rathore's Love Story: From Her Horse Riding Instructor To Husband

Television actress, Sangita Ghosh and her husband, Shailendra Rathore's love story is for people of all ages, as it has love at first sight, long-distance marriage, and everything about parenting.


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Sangita Ghosh And Shailendra Rathore's Love Story: From Her Horse Riding Instructor To Husband

Popular television actress, Sangita Ghosh is one of the most popular television actresses in the country. Although she has worked in numerous daily soaps, it was her performance in the show, Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand. In the iconic show, Sangita portrayed the character of Pammi, which made a special place in the hearts of viewers across the nation. From hosting shows to playing some of the most memorable television characters, Sangita is a household name in the small screen industry. While she is a renowned actress on the professional front, Sangita is also quite famous for her personal life, as it is truly filmy so far.

For the unversed, Sangita Ghosh is married to a former polo player, Shailendra Singh Rathore. Whether we talk about their love story or their married life, everything about their journey as a couple is both inspiring and entertaining. However, before we move into Sangita and Shailendra's love story, let's briefly discuss the former's acting career in the television industry so far, which deserves a special mention.

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Sangita Ghosh's acting career in the television industry

Sangita Ghosh

Not everyone is aware of the fact that popular television actress, Sangita Ghosh started acting at the age of 10. It was the iconic show, Hum Hindustani, in which she had worked as a child actress for the first time in her life. After which, she also worked as a professional model for some reputed brands like Nirma, Donear Suitings, and more. While studying in college, Sangita worked on numerous daily soaps like Kurukshetra, Ajeeb Dastan, Saturday Suspense, Daraar, and more.

Sangita Ghosh

Soon, Sangita had started working in big shows like Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand, Viraasat, Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, Parvarrish, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, Divya Drishti, and the list goes on. Over the years, after working tirelessly in all these shows, Sangita reached a level where she is often regarded as one of the most natural actresses in the small screen space. Now, let's move into Sangita's filmy love story with her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore, which deserves a special mention.

Sangita Ghosh's first meeting with horse rider, Shailendra Singh Rathore

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

Television actress, Sangita Ghosh went to Jaipur for the filming of one of her serials, and that's when she had decided to learn horse riding as it was one of her long-lasting dreams to learn the sport. That's when Sangita met Shailendra Singh Rathore for the first time, as he was the instructor, who was assigned to the actress. It was love at first sight for Shailendra, who got smitten by Sangita's looks. However, the actress wasn't looking for anything at that time. Once in an interview with a news portal, Sangita was quoted as saying:

"I had gone to Jaipur to learn horse-riding. And as luck would have it, he was the one teaching me. While showing me how to ride a horse and hold the reins, he started flirting with me! I was like, 'Oh God! Who is this guy?' I was there for three-four days, and Jaipur has a close set of people, you meet them every day."

Shailendra Singh Rathore's love at first sight with Sangita Ghosh

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

In a series of meetings between Sangita Ghosh and Shailendra Singh Rathore, the actress was enjoying horse riding to its fullest. On the other side, her instructor fell in love with her. However, Sangita had made it clear to Shailendra that she wasn't looking for a relationship. However, he couldn't stop himself from flying to Mumbai so that he could have a word with Sangita's parents. Although initially, Sangita was not interested in Shailendra's proposal, the actress accepted his proposal after witnessing his sincerity and true love for her.

Sangita Ghosh and Shailendra Singh Rathore's intimate wedding

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

After the two accepted their feelings for each other, Shailendra Singh Rathore and Sangita Ghosh started dating each other. The lovebirds were unsure when to get married, as they were enjoying their dating phase. However, after some time, it was in 2011 when Sangita's father's health started deteriorating. Thus, she and Shailendra had decided to tie the knot. The wedding was an intimate affair, and the couple got married in the presence of their respective families and relatives. Once in an interview with a leading news portal, Sangita had talked about the same and shared how she got married to Shailendra in an intimate wedding setup. She had said:

"It (wedding) was a very private affair. I may be used to the media but my in-laws are not. Also, it wasn't a big celebration in our family because my dad was extremely unwell. I rushed into marriage for my dad's sake, but I don't think he knew what was happening as he had lost his memory."

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Sangita Ghosh and her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore's long-distance marriage

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

If reports are to be believed, Sangita Ghosh reportedly took a short break from her acting career soon after her marriage to spend quality time with her new family. After being together with her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore, and her in-laws, the actress returned to the television industry and fulfilled her fans' much-awaited wish. However, when she returned to Mumbai after leaving Jaipur, it was quite challenging for the couple to manage their long-distance wedding.

Sangita Ghosh with Shailendra

During that phase of their married life, when both of them were quite young and hustling in their respective careers, it was indeed a tough but necessary step, and they took it for each other's happiness. While Sangita was a renowned actress in Mumbai, her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore, was a professional polo player in Jaipur. Still, both of them handled their long-distance marriage quite brilliantly. In a throwback interview with a news portal, Sangita had talked about the same and had said:

"Right now it's a long-distance marriage. Till the time the show is on air, it will remain like this. And I want to continue working; even he doesn't want to give up his profession. Polo happens for six months in a year, or maybe eight months. The rest of the time, he comes to Mumbai. I go to Rajasthan when I get time."

TV Actress Sangeeta Ghosh Love Life

In the same throwback interview, Sangita Ghosh revealed the complete plan when the actress was asked to share the details of how she and her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore, manage the long-distance marriage. The ever-so-gorgeous actress also highlighted the beautiful side of a long-distance marriage that people often ignore. She had stated:

"Every month, for about 15 days, we are together either in Mumbai or Jaipur. I tell him that it is a very nice arrangement...much better than staying together forever. It is brilliant for independent, free-spirited people. I can have a life-long companionship now. We are married but we are longing for each other. It is very nice space to be in where you are missing each other most of the time."

When Shailendra Singh Rathore surprised his wife, Sangita Ghosh, in a filmy way

Sangia Ghosh

When Sangita Ghosh and her husband, Shailendra Singh Rathore used to live in different cities, the couple used to miss each other a lot. Although they used to meet each other, the gap between their meeting was quite big, courtesy to their respective professional commitments. However, there's one memorable incident that is quite close to Sangita's heart, as it was when her darling hubby won her heart by making a surprise visit to Mumbai. Once in a throwback interview, recalling the same, Sangita had shared:

"He is such an actor! He kept telling me, 'I am not coming, I am very busy'. I was hoping that he comes because my mother was also not there and I was all alone. He kept telling me until the last moment that he can't make it. So, I gave the date for shooting. I don't know how he managed this or who all were hand-in-glove with him to help him come and surprise me. When I entered the makeup room, I was shocked."

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Meet Sangita Ghosh and Shailendra Singh Rathore's baby girl, Devi

On July 23, 2022, in an interview with the ETimes, Sangita Ghosh surprised everyone after sharing that she was blessed with a baby girl. The actress also kept her pregnancy and the birth of her baby girl a secret from the media. When the newbie mommy was asked to reveal the reason behind her decision to keep her daughter, Devi's birth a secret, she had revealed that she was a premature baby. Reflecting on the same, Sangita had said:

"Devi was born prematurely on December 25 last year. It was an anxious time, as she had issues being a premature baby and was in the NICU for 15-odd days. It's not that we hid the news, but we decided not to talk about it till we felt the time was right."

When Sangita Ghosh revealed she suffered a miscarriage in 2015

Soon after the birth of her daughter, Devi, in an interview with ETimes, Sangita Ghosh had shockingly revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage in 2015. The actress had admitted that it was a heart-wrenching phase for her. In order to escape from the pain of miscarriage, Sangita immersed herself deep into the shooting of her show, Parvarrish, and it indeed helped her a lot. Talking about the same, Sangita had said:

"I can't explain how bad the experience was. I couldn't believe it and kept wondering mere saath aise kaise ho gaya. Imagine losing a life that's growing inside you. I needed that confidence and appreciation. So, I got busy with work. Then the pandemic happened and my husband brought up the topic of starting a family again. I was really scared, but he was keen. So, here we are. We didn't tell anyone because I was worried and superstitious. We informed our mothers after six-to-seven months."

Well, we are absolutely in love with Sangita and Shailendra's beautiful love story that indeed teaches us a lot about love and life. What do you think? Let us know.

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