When Sara Ali Khan Chose Her Mom, Amrita Singh Over Her Dad, Saif, Called Herself Mother's Girl

Sara Ali Khan had chosen her mother, Amrita Singh over her father, Saif Ali Khan in a throwback interview. She had revealed that she cannot function without her mother. Details inside!


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When Sara Ali Khan Chose Her Mom, Amrita Singh Over Her Dad, Saif, Called Herself Mother's Girl

The moment a child is born, he or she becomes the world to his or her parents. Parents do everything in their capacity to keep their kids happy and safe, even if it means sacrificing their own happiness. But, some times in the quest to keep the kids happy, the parents tend to drag their unhappy married life, indirectly giving an unhappy life to their kids. In this case, we need to take major life lesson from Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. (Also Read: 15 Popular 'Jamai Rajas' Of Big Bollywood Families You Probably Didn't Know About)

After 13 years of marriage, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh had parted ways and had moved on in their respective lives. However, the two did not let their separation hamper their kids' lives. Even though Sara and Ibrahim live with their mom, they have a happy access into their dad’s life. Sara Ali Khan has happily accepted the decision of her parents. On the famous chat show of Karan Johar, Koffee With Karan, Sara had defined herself by saying, “Imagine Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh have a kid. They’re both weird. We’re all weird.” And we love how Sara is happy with what she has.

Amrita Singh, Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

We got hold of a throwback interview of Sara Ali Khan with Filmfare, where the actress had talked about her family and choosing between mother, Amrita Singh and father, Saif Ali Khan. When the actress was asked who she is closer to, her mother or her father, she had replied, “Mom. She’s my whole world. I can’t function without her. From should I wear this, how did you like the trailer, is this boy good enough...? Her opinion matters in everything. I’m a homely mother’s girl. Mom and I are hysterical together. We’re just a riot at home. People have a blast looking at us.”

Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

When the actress was asked about the qualities that she has inherited from her parents, she had revealed that she has her father’s mind and her mother’s heart. Sara had revealed, “I have my father’s mind and my mother’s heart. That makes me a cool chick. What I don’t have, I will cultivate. If I can conduct myself with the intelligence, the worldliness and the knowledge with which my father does and if I can sleep the way mom sleeps, I’ll be good to go. She doesn’t have a single blob on her conscience. While I already have a couple of them. So I’ll have to work hard to be the way she is.”

Amrita Singh And Saif Ali Khan

Sara had also talked about her childhood, and how she understood that her parents are happier leading their lives separately. She had said, “I was a kid, who understood that her mother and father were happier that way. I can’t change how they are when they’re together. But you must know the option. I could have been brought up in an extremely unhappy, unstable and toxic household. But today I live with the world’s best mother in the most secure, happiest and healthiest space ever.”

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Sara had further talked about how she is happy having two happy homes with two happy parents rather than having an unhappy family. In her words, “People even used to ask me, ‘Don’t you miss the idea of a Sunday family lunch?’ Every day after the gym it’s like a girl’s day out for mom and me. Every night is like a pajama party. I love it. And as far as my father is concerned, he’s never ever let me feel that we don’t live together. He’s always a phone call away. He’s always available for dinner, for coffee. So why would I feel like that? I have two happy homes with two happy parents. That’s a win-win situation as opposed to a massive loss for everyone.” (Don't Miss: 8 Fashionable Celeb Daughters Who Are As Gorgeous As Their Moms)

Sara Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan is indeed more inclined towards her mother, Amrita Singh. The actress is often compared with her mother for their striking resemblance. In an interview with Rediff.com, Sara had talked about the comparisons and had said, “I took a picture of me in purple lipstick and there was a picture of my mom thirty years ago in purple lipstick. It's more of DNA and chance. I felt 'Wow, we are doing the same thing' but I don't know about acting. She is an extremely fine actor and it will take me a long time to be compared to her.” (Recommended Read: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Flirts With Abhishek Bachchan In This Throwback Video)

Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

We are proud of Sara’s understanding and maturity!

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