Sara Ali Khan On Amrita's Grounded Upbringing, Reveals Being Friends With Ananya And Janhvi At Work

Sara Ali Khan credited her mom, Amrita Singh, for the kind of upbringing she had given her children and raised them differently.


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Sara Ali Khan On Amrita's Grounded Upbringing, Reveals Being Friends With Ananya And Janhvi At Work

Sara Ali Khan is one of the most famous actresses in the Hindi film industry. The gorgeousness began her acting career with the movies, Kedarnath and Simba back in 2018. Apart from that, she was seen in several movies. For those who don't know, Sara is the daughter of the ex-couple, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. And it was after Saif and Amrita's divorce that the latter single-handedly took care of her children, Sara and Ibrahim. Recently, Sara talked about getting a grounded upbringing from her mom, Amrita, and it's all things adorable.

Sara Ali Khan credits her mom, Amrita for her grounded upbringing

Sara Ali Khan shares an adorable bond with her mom, Amrita, and time and again, she has praised her mom for the kind of strong woman she is. Now, in an interview with Mid-day, the actress credited her mom for the kind of upbringing she had given to her. Sara said that the more years passed, the more she understood why her mom had raised her and Ibrahim differently, while she could have easily given them a star-studded upbringing as she was an actress. Sara mentioned that she is actually grateful to her mom for giving her a grounded upbringing. Stating that she and Ibrahim didn't grow up understanding that paparazzi are their birthright, Sara said:

"I’m trying not to sound wrong, but I’m trying to be honest also, the more grateful I am for the upbringing that I’ve had. The more years I’m spending here, the more I’m realizing how easy it would have been for my mom to have brought me up differently and how grateful and thankful I am that she didn’t. We didn’t grow up thinking that paparazzi is our birthright.”

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Sara Ali Khan talks about how she felt about paps culture before becoming famous

Going further in the interview, Sara Ali Khan talked about her experience of being papped even before her first film, Kedarnath hit the silver screen. Talking more about the same, Sara said that she wanted not to be rude to the paps and was trying to strike a balance, but she didn't like to be photographed before making a name in the industry. Sara mentioned that she always knew that her parents were actors, but she was not famous, so she couldn't understand the concept of being papped. Sharing that all of these happened before the nepotism debate began, Sara stated:

"I was trying to strike the balance between being rude to them (paparazzi) because I didn’t want to be, but also not being photographed because what have I really done to be here? Like why am I being photographed? And all this happened before the whole nepotism chapter and chatter had started like a year into my work. I myself had started feeling that yes my mother is an artist, my father is an actor, but I am not, so why are they behind me? I am really grateful that I kind of grew up thinking like that because now when they photograph me, I have a very good equation with them because somewhere I think I’ve earned it.”

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Sara Ali Khan shares she had no personal security for years

In the same interview, Sara Ali Khan mentioned that she was friends with Radhika Madan, Janhvi Kapoor, and Ananya Panday professionally. The actress said that they were acquainted with how all of their parents belong to the industry. She added:

"Radhika Madan, Janhvi Kapoor, and Ananya Pandey are friends I made at work. I was not like, ‘Oh, our parents have been actors previously’, so now we have special pani puri together. That was not the vibe at all.”

Speaking along the same lines, Sara stated that for years, she didn't have any personal security around her to help her with stuff, and she didn't grow up like this. Sara also remarked that her mom, Amrita Singh, always wanted the former and Ibrahim Ali Khan to have a life away from the filmy world. Sara said:

"Mom was very certain that she wanted us to have a full life external to the films."

What do you think about Sara's revelations?

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