Anil Kapoor's Workout And Diet Regime: Secrets As To Why He Refuses To Age


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Anil Kapoor's Workout And Diet Regime: Secrets As To Why He Refuses To Age

Father of three grown-up children, Anil Kapoor, looks smart, young and energetic. The actor has crossed his 50s and is in his 60s, but seems like he still is in his 30s. He still gets calls to play lead roles, while most actors of his time are playing side roles or the roles of parents or grandparents. The renowned actor has delivered brilliant performances in his past and also has some prestigious awards in his kitty. He has also acted in some International movies (Mission Impossible 4, Slumdog Millionaire) and TV shows (24). He is known to follow a disciplined lifestyle, which makes him stay fit even at the age of 61.

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Keep reading to find the secrets behind Anil Kapoor's youthfulness and eternal shine on his face. Here are Anil Kapoor's workout and fitness regimes.

Workout schedule

anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

Anil Kapoor spends around two to three hours in the gym, and changes his workouts as per the roles he plays in his upcoming movies. He goes cycling or jogging early in the morning, and prefers doing cardio for at least 10 minutes every day. He believes in concentrating on different parts of the body while working out, rather than focussing on one particular area. He also includes free weights, sit-ups, crunches, chair squats, and push-ups in his workout at his gym. The actor also practices yoga.

Anil Kapoor even leaves a super-energetic and young actor like Ranveer Singh astonished. Ranveer, who worked with Anil in Dil Dhadakne Do, once revealed during an interview:

“I hope I can have the same kind of drive and passion when I am at that stage. He is disciplined about what he eats, even if we're rolling at 5 in the morning. He will get up at quarter to four to do his cardio so his face looks fresh in front of the camera."

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anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

In his own words:

"My workouts change from day to day. My day begins at 6 a.m. with 10 minutes of cardio to warm up. Then three days a week, I work out in the gym and the other days I work out outdoors. Every day, I work on different parts of my body."

anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

Anil Kapoor’s acting career of more than 4 decades has definitely influenced his zeal to stay fit and healthy. According to an online portal, Anil can be quoted as saying:

“I want to be fit and look lean, because a lean look lets you do all kinds of roles — from comedy and romance to drama. When you bulk up, it limits your roles.”

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Diet Plan

anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

Anil Kapoor believes in following a disciplined lifestyle, which is free from smoking and alcohol. He also believes in staying positive and not taking stress about different things. The actor avoids sugar and junk food, and eats a lot of dairy products.

  • He drinks a bottle of water empty stomach, and then eats a sandwich with cabbage, lettuce, and egg for breakfast. He also switches to oats or cereal for breakfast sometimes.
  • He likes to drink strawberry milkshake and apple juice.
  • The actor loves to have boiled broccoli or celery for lunch.
  • He prefers having salads with different sauces and dressings for dinner.
  • The actor also eats boiled pulses with brown rice sometimes.

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anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

An English daily quotes Anil Kapoor:

“I wake up at 6 a.m. and thereafter I have a banana, which provides me with carbohydrates, potassium and iron. I have around five to six meals a day, which means a meal every two and a half hours. I count my calories with every meal.”

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His Dil Dhadakne Do co-actor, Shefali Shah once said:

“He must have been the most dedicated of the entire lot on the ship. We were all partying, but he stuck to his regime. He would shoot, work out, eat his diet food and go to bed.”

anil kapoor fitness and diet schedule

According to Anil himself, one must look after his/her body. Here are some words of wisdom from the Mubarakan actor:

“You owe it to your body to treat it well. You take so much advantage of your body. You eat, drink, sleep, smile, travel, talk, and have sex- you use this body for everything. Then why not look after it so that you can use it longer? This is what I believe in.”

Anil Kapoor loves to follow his fitness and workout regime strictly. He believes in living a disciplined and stress-free life, which is the secret behind Anil Kapoor’s youthfulness. You too can follow his relatively simple, and easy-to-follow diet and workout regime for you to lead a youthful life.

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