Shahid Kapoor Talks About Being Bullied In School, Says 'I Was Not Accepted In My Class...'

Shahid Kapoor first time opened up about being bullied in school as he had shifted from Delhi to Mumbai, and he wasn't accepted because of his accent.


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Shahid Kapoor Talks About Being Bullied In School, Says 'I Was Not Accepted In My Class...'

Shahid Kapoor is one of the most loved Bollywood actors. In the '90s, with sheer hard work and talent, Shahid made it big in the film industry. He started off as the 'Complan Boy' and made his debut with his first film, Ishq Vishk, in the year 2003. But not many more, Shahid Kapoor, who is the son of the veteran actor Pankaj Kapur, has been bullied all his life. For the first time, he talked about going through bully when he was in school. 

Shahid Kapoor opened up about facing bullies when he was in school

Recently, Shahid Kapoor appeared on Neha Dhupia's show, No Filter Neha, and shared that he had faced bully all his life. The actor revealed that it started from school when he shifted from Delhi to Mumbai. Shahid stated that he was treated as an outsider and was the odd one out at his school due to the way he spoke. He also revealed that he was treated badly for a long period of time. Shahid was quoted as saying:

"I didn't have the qualities to be a campy person (part of a Bollywood camp). I was from Delhi and came to Bombay (Mumbai) and I was not accepted in my class. I was the outsider because my accent was different and I was really badly treated for a long period of time. Then we were living in rented houses and had to shift every 11 months. So I would be in a new building, trying to make friends with people, who did not know me."

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Shahid Kapoor further recalled that when he entered the film industry, he got the same treatment. He stated that outsiders are not accepted easily, and they have an issue with them. Shahid further added people had problems with him for many years, and he didn't like the campy thing. Talking about it, Shahid stated:

"I came into this industry and realised ye toh school ke tarah hi hai (This is just like school). Outsiders are not accepted easily here. They have a big issue with how did you manage to come in here. So, for many years I dealt with that. I don't like this campy thing. I think people who want to creatively collaborate with each other should, people who are comfortable with each other should. But that doesn't mean you diss other people and try to put other people down or close the doors to other people. And I think that as a teenage or young adult I didn't have the confidence to fight back but now, if you try to bully me, I will bully you right back. I will bully the bully because they deserve it."

When Shahid Kapoor gave a befitting reply to an interviewer trying to take a dig at his height

We live in a world where women are shamed for their looks or skin tones, and men are made fun of due to their height. Recently, a similar thing happened with Shahid Kapoor, who gracefully tackled the situation. A Reddit user shared a video of his interview, wherein he was asked about his height. The actor quipped that he is 5'9, but everyone thinks he is 5'7. He was quoted as saying:

"I'm 5'9 but people think I am 5'7... I don't know why. Everyone thinks I am 5'7, everywhere I google 5'7. I am like I am not 5'7."

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Shahid further admitted that after he wore his Balenciaga he is 5'11, and said, "Why do you think I am wearing them." The interviewer quickly said, "To fool all the people." Shahid assertively stated a no, and he was being honest. To which, the host said, "Haan, toh 2 inches higher na you wanna be?" Shahid gracefully moulded the situation in his way and replied:

"Toh women want to be six inches higher." 

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What do you think about Shahid's revelation? 

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