Shahid Kapoor Takes Daughter Misha Out On A Bike Ride, He Can't Stop Looking At Her Innocent Face


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Shahid Kapoor Takes Daughter Misha Out On A Bike Ride, He Can't Stop Looking At Her Innocent Face

‘Father and daughter’- these very two terms are sure to evoke a feeling of piousness inside you for there is no better relationship in this planet that these two people caring selflessly about each other! Many wives have boasted of a change in their hubbies when a beautiful angel arrives in his life, for a newbie daddy starts viewing life from the eyes of a doting daddy! And one of the ace superstars of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor, can totally vouch for the same. (Do Read: Tusshar Kapoor Showers Ekta Kapoor And Newborn Nephew With Love, Other Celebs Poured Wishes)

Shahid Kapoor and his Dilliwali biwi, Mira Rajput Kapoor welcomed their first baby, Misha Kapoor on August 26, 2016. And ever since, Shahid has been a hands-on father, leaving no stone unturned to shower all his love upon his little princess. Remember, on the eve of January 29, 2019, Shahid took his darling daughter on a ‘papa-beti’ evening out? In the picture, you can see Shahid from his back, with Misha wrapped around his arms! Checkout a snap of the same clicked by shutterbugs:



The doting daddy however, did not stop at this. What looks like Shahid has vowed to spend the maximum amount of time with his darling princess. A recent picture posted by the Padmaavat actor, had Shahid mounted on a bike with his daughter, Misha by his side. Shahid was seen looking lovingly at his daughter, while Misha looks all calm and ready to go out on a bike ride with her daddy. Sharing the ‘awww-dorable’ picture, Shahid wrote, “Cause she knows she can do it all better.” Here’s the snap:

Shahid-Misha’s bike ride wali picture

Right after the birth of Misha, Shahid had shared how he felt upon holding his baby daughter in his arms for the first time. Sharing about the same, he had revealed, “I was both ecstatic and scared. I began thinking of Mira's father and how he must have felt when he gave away his baby, his daughter to this strange guy, an actor from Mumbai with a ponytail and coloured hair, who perhaps thought he was a 'cool dude'. I called him up instantly and apologised if I had troubled him at any point. I may have overlooked his point of view somewhere, regarding something which may have been important to him, this realisation came when I held a baby girl in my hands when I felt vulnerable. I don't want anything to go wrong with her ever. I guess, being a man I always thought of as a man. But holding a baby girl gave me a new perspective. It changes everything."

Misha Kapoor

Back then, he had also revealed his favourite duties as a father, “I change her diapers, I give her bottle feeds. I fed her first solids. I enjoy hanging with her when she moves in the walker. I like looking at her when she rolls around. In fact, I mimic her funny sounds rather than teach her words. So that she feel's we're sharing a conversation." (Must Read: Sania Mirza's Son Izhaan Mirza Malik Turns 3 Months Old, The Ace Player Celebrates It With A Cake)

Misha Kapoor

Needless to say, Shahid is a complete hands-on daddy! Sharing about the same, he had revealed, “I am always trying to entertain Misha and I am down on my hands and knees all the time. I think I have become goofier after having my baby. I am doing more stupid things. I am trying to get her attention all the time. Just like a puppy who jumps around to get your attention. I also like being home more now. That is one of the biggest changes in me. That’s not something I used to like doing before. I was not a morning person. But because Misha wakes up early, I also try and get up by that time to be with her. This was not me. I would always spend like 20 minutes after waking up to get up. Getting my coffee, reading the papers and then being grumpy for some time, going for a shower and then waking up. Now, that’s not the case. I am wide awake. So yeah, it brought about many changes.”

Shahid Kapoor and Misha Kapoor

In yet another interview, Shahid was asked to choose his favourite moment with Misha. He had replied, “It's difficult to choose one moment with your child. Every day is etched in my mind when I am around her. Every time she notices me and she calls me papa, it's very special." Sharing feelings about embracing fatherhood, Shahid had said in another interview, “Being a first-time father has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Misha is a wonderful package of positive energy. Misha is a source of positivity for me. She can make me smile even on my worst days.” (Also Read: Sunny Leone Can't Stop Kissing Her Twin Baby Boys, Asher And Noah, It's Every Mom-Son PDA Ever)

Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor and Misha Kapoor

This is something that all newbie parents can relate to, right guys? Also peeps, how did you like Shahid-Misha’s bike ride wali picture? Keep us posted!

Images and cover courtesy: Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor