Shahid Kapoor's Wife, Mira Reveals She 'Almost Had A Miscarriage': 'Was On Bed Rest For 3 Months..'

Shahid Kapoor's wife, Mira Kapoor, first time talked about her difficult first pregnancy, and how she was almost about to lose her baby.


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Shahid Kapoor's Wife, Mira Reveals She 'Almost Had A Miscarriage': 'Was On Bed Rest For 3 Months..'

Shahid Kapoor's wife, Mira Kapoor, successfully created her own fanbase, courtesy of her content creation on her Instagram handle and YouTube. Now, Mira has started her own skincare brand, Akind, and has been promoting it. While the world knows Mira as a content creator and an entrepreneur, not many know about the challenges she faced in life as she packed her bag and shifted to Mumbai after marriage in the blink of an eye. For the first time, Mira talked about her difficult first marriage and how she almost had a miscarriage. 

Shahid Kapoor's wife, Mira Kapoor talks about almost having to miscarriage during her first pregnancy

Mira Kapoor married Shahid Kapoor in 2015, and they were blessed with their first child in 2016. However, Mira's first pregnancy wasn't as smooth as it may seemed. She had a major roadblock, but neither Shahid nor Mira ever talked about it. Recently, on a podcast with Prakhar Gupta, Mira recalled the same and stated that she had almost lost her first baby, and was on bed rest for three months.

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Shahid Mira pregnancy

Recalling the tough phase, Mira revealed that her doctor told her that she was about to lose her baby when she was four months pregnant. Later, she was advised to complete bed rest for three months. The star wife stated that it was the biggest shock as she was just 21 years old and never thought that it could happen to her. She was quoted as saying:

"Not many people know this, but when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was my first pregnancy. and you are like, oh, I am 21-20,. Whatever. I am healthy, and I am like very fit and the prime of my life in having kids. What so worse can happen, and I almost miscarried when I was four months pregnant. Came back and had this sonography and the doctor tells me that lie down right now."

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Mira further stated that she came back after sonography, and the doctor and Shahid were looking at her with a serious face. Then, the doctor told her that she was dilated while she was just four months pregnant, and the chances of losing her baby were high. She said:

"Normally, you go for sonography, you come back, and you are chatting, 'hahaha, oh wow, so cute, and all that..'Everything was just different. He is like I need to talk to you but you can't be sitting, please lie down. Because I had already dilated and I was four months pregnant, so he told me, 'You can lose your baby any moment.'"

Mira also stated that it was the toughest time of her life, and she was literally taking it week by week and counting every Monday. However, by the end of two and a half months, it started taking a toll on her mental health, and Shahid asked the doctor if he could take her home and set it up like a hospital. However, when she came back home, her family surprised her, and she was so overwhelmed that her contractions began. She said:

"Two and a half months on that bed. I was taking it week by week, I literally had a calendar and I was like another Monday another Monday. Then at the end of two and a month, I wanted to get off from there, but couldn't get off the bed, so Shahid spoke to my doctor and told him, 'I will set up the home as a hospital, will put up the bed, and get everything, but let her be at home.' He was seeing that it was taking a toll on me mentally. So, we did this, went back home, my whole family come to see me surprises me. They surprised me, and I was so overwhelmed that I started getting contractions."

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Mira added that her doctor told her that she needed to get back to the hospital. And that's when it started taking a toll as things suddenly changed for her. However, it was Shahid who decided that she was going to be at home for her mental peace and happiness. Mira stated that when she went back home, everything was smooth, they took extra precautions, and everything was normal. Mira stated when Misha was born, her doctor called it a miracle. 

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