Shekhar Suman's Love Story With Alka Suman, The Couple Broke Down After Losing Their First Child

Take a look at Shekhar Suman's love life with wife, Alka Suman, who stood beside one another despite facing some of the hardest trials of life.


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Shekhar Suman's Love Story With Alka Suman, The Couple Broke Down After Losing Their First Child

Eminent filmmaker, Shekhar Suman has worked hard to reach to the top of the ladder. However, in all of his endeavours, he has had beside him, his doting wife, Alka Suman who made a promise of forever with him early on in her life. The couple faced a rollercoaster life together but the company of one another made it bearable. Well then, let us take a look at their journey of togetherness.

Shekhar and Alka were college mates turned sweethearts

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The love story of Alka and Shekhar began in the compounds of Delhi University. Back in 1982, the duo were studying in the same place and their paths crossed. The duo was introduced to one another by their common friend and gradually the couple transpired the journey of friends to lovers. Recalling their youthful days, Shekhar once in an interview, mentioned how their fondness for one another was quick to change into a deep love for one another. In his words:

“It was love at first sight, so naturally the attraction was physical. She was the most beautiful girl I had laid my eyes upon; she possessed all the qualities that epitomizes a typical Indian woman.”

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Alka was charmed by Shekhar’s sense of humour

shekhar alka

Every woman in a relationship is likely to find an amiable quality in their partner which totally woos them and makes them go weak in their knees. For Alka, it was Shekhar’s sense of humour and unbeatable good looks on which she was totally bowled over. In her words:

“From the moment I saw him, I knew this was the man that I wanted to spend my life with. His good looks and his sense of humour just left me awestruck." 

The advice from their parents which helped them to make their foundation stronger

shekhar alka

After dating each other for a long time, Shekhar and Alka were ready to commit to each other for a lifetime of togetherness and approached their parents for the approval of their match. While they readily accepted the fact of them being together, nevertheless, they advised them to wait a little while so that they would grow a firmer base for their relationship before taking the next big step. Recalling how Alka’s parents were totally in awe of Shekhar in their first meeting, she mentioned:

“My parents were concerned at first but had no doubts when they met Shekhar personally. He came from a well-educated and respected family."

Shekhar and Alka tied the knot after arranging a stable income


Listening to their parent’s advice, the duo waited awhile before taking their marital plunge. In all this while, both of them honed their skills in arranging for the sufficient financial base before getting married. So, while Alka started working as a fashion designer, Shekhar started to gain a monthly stipend of Rs. 600 as a working artist at Shri Ram Centre. And finally, they married got married on May 4, 1984.

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Shekhar and Alka faced their biggest blow when they lost their first child, Ayush


The couple started living together and enjoyed their marital bliss. During this time, they were blessed with their sons, Aayush and Adhyayan. Sadly, five years later, things started to take a complete downhill out of absolutely nowhere. Shekhar lost his work, making Alka the sole breadwinner of the family. And tragedy struck them worst when their son, Aayush who was diagnosed with a critical condition of endocardial myofibrils passed away at an early age. The loss was irreplaceable and made a deep mark on their lives. Recalling those painful moments, Shekhar Suman once opened up on his grief and mentioned:

“When Ayush left us we felt betrayed and there were days when you didn't want to live. But you realize that you have to live for the family. Such an incident brings a family closer. You discover emotions and new layers of relations that you never experienced before." 

Shekhar Suman’s big directorial break new hopes for the family

dekh bhai dekh

Gladly, the distressful and morose times were after a long time finally replaced with better circumstances when Shekhar Suman landed onto his big project with the serial, Dekh Bhai Dekh. This not only gave Shekhar a much-needed fame in the glamour industry, but also shared the burden of income from Alka, as she could now focus on bringing up their younger son, Adhyayan. And this also led to the couple finally finding new ways towards each other, such that their love is reinforced more firmly. In an interview, Alka once mentioned how their friendship always helped them find a way towards one-another, stronger than before. In her words:

“We have had our ups and downs, and have learnt to accept them. We are great friends. A friendship forms an essential part of any marriage. We never conceal anything from each other."

When Shekhar Suman keeps his romance alive in his marital relationship even 39 years later

shekhar alka

Well, the couple has been together for about 40 years now. Nonetheless, their visible chemistry with one another even today speaks volumes about their lovely relationship to date. Revealing the reason behind the same, Shekhar once mentioned how he manages to keep the romance alive between them. In his words:

“I think romance never goes out of fashion. We are a very romantic couple. We still hold hands and enjoy candlelight dinners. We started as friends when we met twenty-one years ago and still continue to be friends." 

Indeed, Shekhar Suman and Alka Suman prove to be one-of-a-kind of couple!

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