Abhinav Kohli Strongly Reacts To Shweta Tiwari's Accusations Of Him Threatening To Ruin Her Image

In her explosive interview, Shweta Tiwari accused her estranged husband, Abhinav Kohli of threatening her to ruin her image. Now, he has reacted to the same.


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Abhinav Kohli Strongly Reacts To Shweta Tiwari's Accusations Of Him Threatening To Ruin Her Image

Shweta Tiwari had given love a second chance when she had married TV actor, Abhinav Kohli, however, a few years later, things fell apart for them. The ugly war between Shweta and Abhinav had begun when the actress had lodged a police complaint against him and had accused him of domestic violence. Other than this, there were also reports that he had harassed Shweta’s daughter, Palak Tiwari by asking inappropriate questions from her. After this, a series of allegations had begun and the two had started washing their dirty linen in public.

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In the recent turn of events, in a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Shweta has accused her estranged husband, Abhinav of threatening her to ‘ruin’ her reputation. She said that Abhinav had told her in the lobby of her building that it only takes one post to destroy the image of a woman. She added that he had said that only one post can ruin you and later, after 5 to 6 days, he had started posting screenshots and other images on his social media handle to spoil her reputation. Now, Abhinav has reacted to these allegations.

Abhinav Kohli Shweta Tiwari

In a conversation with Zoom Digital, Abhinav spoke in length about the allegations and said that his IG handle is public and anyone can check if he had ever posted anything that can hamper a woman’s image. He said, “In fact, I must thank her as she has clarified that Raja (Chaudhary) was doing domestic violence and I was not. At least, she clarified that. Now, she has put a new allegation on me that I had given her a threat that I will spoil your name by putting posts and a feminist angle to it that ek aurat ki izzat kaise main udaa sakta hoon. So, honestly speaking, my account abhinav.kohli024 , is a public Instagram account and the whole of media knows it. I am ready for any woman who finds any of my posts ki usme maine kisi aurat ki izzat utar di hain ya utha di hain. Nothing at all.”

Shweta Tiwari

He then shared that while Shweta was giving the interview, he was with their son, Reyansh and enjoying his time with him. Asking Shweta to produce evidence, he added, “You (Shweta) started the story by saying I was cancer. When I was taking care of the child (Reyansh) and on that very day, you were saying that I am cancer. You are giving this interview and the child was with me in my car, we were having fun. You are giving an interview saying that he is cancer, he is out of my life. You started all that. And after that, I have not put any post which is a lie. I have not told a lie in any of my posts. My posts are real videos. If you (Shweta) have a better video to negate what I have said, show that. The proof is in the pudding and not in the talking.”

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Abhinav Kohli Son

He also shared that he has always claimed that Shweta has never filed a divorce or accused him of domestic violence. Sharing how his voice has been muted, he added, “And also, none of my posts are not to put her down. I mean, I have said the truth. I have spoken about a few topics like I have never been accused of domestic violence or she has not filed a divorce with me. I am repeating. I have been repeating myself, just trying to make my voice heard. My voice is muted.”

Shweta Tiwari And Abhinav Kohli

Abhinav also shared that his concern is their son, Reyansh as he feels that he has the right to meet his father. He added, “The main issue is the child, that he should have a normal father and mother. Even if you can't see eye-to-eye with father, the child can go to the father. How can you stop the child from going to the father?  If you (Shweta) don't want to meet me, that's her wish. I am not forcing you. But the child has the right to meet his father. Am I not human? I sent her funny message one of these days in which I said those (lines by) Shehnaaz Gill, which she has made very famous. I sent her message saying that tauda kutta tommy, mere bacche da kutta kutta aur mera kutta suvar? My feelings are nothing at all. Teri feelings teri. Am I not also a human being who feels that I should be with my son?”

Abhinav Shweta SOn

Abhinav then shared that the issues between him and Shweta are not about feminism or masculinity, but about their child. In his words, “So, I would just say that it has made me think and deliberate on how is she missing the main point - which is about our son (Reyansh). It is not about feminism, it is not about masculinity, about level and success - it is about the child. The child was with me when she was busy with Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. Our field is such that the occupational hazard is that we have to work for 12 hours. It is unfortunate that we cannot have a real personal life as such. We are working too much. I took a sabbatical. I got offers but I politely requested that I can't as I have to take care of my child, who was with me.” 

Abhinav Kohli Son

Concluding his thoughts that it is not easy for him to be living close to his son and yet being so far and said, “It is not easy pain to tolerate. If you lose a loved one, who is gone and you have to reconcile, overhere, my loved one is three meters away from my house. If I shout loudly, he can hear (me) in the window. That's how close (the place) I am currently staying with my mother and where my older house is. Imagine that you are so close yet so far. So, that is something, which is a grief. It killed king Dasharatha because his son Ram went away. He did not commit suicide, he died because of the grief. So the grief is something that I hope nobody goes through.”

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