Siddharth Anand Reacts On 'Besharam Rang' Controversy, Says, 'There Was Nothing Objectionable'

In a recent interview, 'Pathaan' director, Siddharth Anand opened up about the controversy around the saffron-hued bikini of Deepika Padukone in the song, 'Besharam Rang'.


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Siddharth Anand Reacts On 'Besharam Rang' Controversy, Says, 'There Was Nothing Objectionable'

One of the biggest Bollywood films, Pathaan proved its marvellous success at the box office. The enthralling bond between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the movie remained successful increasing the fans' craze. The film proved to be a huge success, breaking domestic and international box office marks with over 1000 crores of earnings worldwide. In addition, Pathaan's songs were also successful in winning the hearts of Bollywood admirers. However, the song Behsaram Rang, from the movie is one amongst the others that people could not get over yet. Although the song was a hit, it came along with controversies revolving around the saffron-hued bikini of Deepika Padukone.

Siddharth Anand reacts to Deepika's saffron bikini in Besharam Rang for the first time

As soon as the song, Besharam Rang was out, the rang 'saffron' from it started creating controversies. It even received boycott calls. As per the reports, several politicians opposed Deepika's orange-coloured bikini and asked for 'Rectification.' However, Shah Rukh and Deepika remained tight-lipped during this controversy and criticism. Pathaan's director, Siddharth Anand, also remained silent during that time. But recently, during the News18 Rising India summit 2023, Siddharth talked about the controversy. He said that the boycott call was "a white noise." He also shared that they were not scared because they knew that there was nothing objectionable in their film. In Siddharth's words:

"We were not scared. We knew that there was nothing objectionable in our film."

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Besharam Rang

In the same interview, Siddharth Anand shared what made him choose the colour of Deppika's bikini for that particular scene. The director said he was in Spain during that time. Siddharth said that in the sunny weather, the grass was greener, the sea was bluer, and the saffron colour with this ambience looked fantastic, which compelled him to choose the colour instantly. The young director also said that he was sure people would understand they had no wrong intention after watching the film. Elaborating on the same, he said:

"When we were in Spain, I chose that costume randomly. We never gave it too much thought. The colour was looking nice. It was sunny, the grass was greener and the water was blue and the orange colour was looking good. We thought when the audience would watch it they would understand that our intent was not wrong."

Besharam Rang

In the same interview, the director added that he could not blame the people for going with the trend boycott as they did not watch the film then. Still, he is satisfied that the people proved the boycott trend wrong after watching the movie in the theatres. He also said that it is easy to say boycott without considering how many people worked hard for it and were dependent on it. The director shared:

"But I can’t blame the audience because they hadn’t watched the movie till then. They were going with, ‘Achcha inhone ye kiya, wo kiya…’ But it was commendable of the audience that they flocked to the theatres when the film was released. They proved the whole boycott movement wrong. And when you are calling for a boycott of a star or a movie, you are not seeing how many people’s livelihood is dependent on that particular movie especially if it works. It’s very easy to say boycott that too without reason."

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Shah Rukh and Deepika

Pathaan's record success around the globe

Along with Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan, Pathaan also featured John Abraham. Apart from the starry cast, Salman Khan appeared in the film for a lengthy cameo role, which made fans go gaga in the theatres, as they found it as an updated version of the film, Karan Arjun. However, at the box office, Pathaan has shattered all the previous records. As per the records, Pathaan has earned Rs 653 crores in Hindi and more than 1000 crores globally. 

Shah rukh khan pathaan six pack abs

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