20 Signs That Confirm Your Partner Is Cheating On You


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20 Signs That Confirm Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Very few men or women come home covered in lipstick stains or smelling of men’s cologne. But, if your partner is cheating on you then they are bound to leave behind some hints. The signs are almost always there, you just need to have the willingness to look for it and accept it. Before you confront your partner, make sure that you have gone through some of the most common signs of cheating that we have listed out below.

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#1. Suddenly your partner is too fond of his/her phone.

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As your partner does not want you to find about the affair, they would never leave their phone lying around in the house for fear of getting caught.

#2. There’s a new admirer on your partner’s Facebook.

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Whether it’s a status update, photo upload or any other activity on your partner’s profile, there is an instant like or comment. New lovers just can’t stay away from each other, can they?

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#3. Takes sudden interest in appearance.

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Your otherwise lazy spouse is trying their best to impress their new-found love and hence the desire to appear groomed and beautiful.

#4. Out of the blue your partner wants to take the children for a walk in the park or go get the groceries alone and comes home very late.

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Quite obvious. They are making excuses to get out of the home.

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#5. Your partner is adamant, almost to the point of persuasion that you must go after your dreams and hobbies.

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While you are busy chasing your dreams, your partner has ample amount of time in their hand to continue their affair.

#6. Your partner has recently turned into an office junkie.

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Working late in the office is the safest excuse for your partner to come home late.

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#7. Unfamiliar scent from your partner’s clothes.

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When you spend a lot of time with someone, obviously their smell (specific perfume, body lotion or soap) starts settling on your clothing or body. Be on alert if you notice something like this.

#8. When a playful touch is a thing of the past in your relationship.

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Touching your partner subtly is a strong way to communicate your strong feelings and arousing the undercurrent sexual tension. If your partner is suddenly not interested in these playful touches anymore, then chances are they are getting their sexual fill from somewhere else.

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#9. When your partner starts picking fight with you for the silliest of reasons and goes out of the house.

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It is a great excuse to spend some time away from you and make you feel that you were wrong.

#10. A sudden requirement of “me” time quite often.

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You give ample amount of space to each other. But suddenly, your partner wants to spend a lot of time alone with no interference from you and does not want to tell you much about their whereabouts.

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#11. A drastic drop in the level of intimacy between the two of you.

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The fear of getting caught or no interest in you, your partner does not want to give you a nice real hug, hold you long in their arms or be sexually intimate with you.

#12. Your partner starts to buy quite a lot of underwears.

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To appear sexier for the other man, your wife would think it to be a good idea to invest in a few pieces of sexy lingerie items. While men would buy new styles that they never tried before like changing their habit of wearing boxer shorts to briefs.

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#13. Reminds you often about your past mistakes.

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Your partner does this often, to put the entire blame on you.

#14. Showers you with gifts out of the blue.

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Sometimes out of guilt or to create an illusion of faithfulness, your partner might shower you with gifts.

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#15. Keeps condoms in their purse or wallet whereas they never used to before.

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If you guys never make out outside your place, then what is the need to carry condoms in the wallet?

#16. Your partner and their best friends give you different information about his or her whereabouts.

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Whenever you ask them about his whereabouts, he and his friends give you different information most of the time which means that there is one person who is not telling the truth.

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#17. When you find your partner lying about various things.

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He or she is continuously hiding things from you and lying every now and then.

#18. When your partner constantly talks about this person like how dumb his secretary is or how a guy at her workplace is hitting on her.

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This is a strategy to talk about the other person as well as to confuse you if you ever see, find or hear something about an affair with that person.

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#19. The things that your partner once used to think were cute irritates them now.

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Whenever you are trying to have a word with him/her, they try and ignore or get pissed off!

#20. Avoids making eye contact with you.

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Maybe they are afraid to tell you the truth or accept their fault that they are cheating on you.

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The only way to know for sure is to have real evidence. So remember that even though these are common signs of cheating in a relationship, none of them can be used to prove that your partner is having an affair.

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