5 Signs Your New Relationship Has Long-Term Potential


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5 Signs Your New Relationship Has Long-Term Potential

Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a little difficult. There are a very few people who are lucky in love and find the perfect match!

Have you finally met “The One”? If you have, then review this checklist for signs that your budding romance could be the real thing.

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#1. Reliable and dependable

Has your new partner kept their word during the time you’ve known them? Have they been dependable? Do they show the signs of being trustworthy, or have there been red flags that say otherwise? Trust and reliability are foundational to a long-term commitment.

#2. You have around equal “mate value”

Evolutionary psychology says the following three areas are key considerations when looking for a mate: personal warmth, physical attractiveness and financial status. One person may be a 7 in personal warmth, an 8 in attractiveness and a 3 in financial status, while the other is a 6, 4 and 9. While there can be big differences in certain categories, if you both average around the same overall, your relationship has a better chance than if your “mate values” are vastly different.

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#3. Genuine warmth towards people

In addition to how your partner treats you, take notice of how they treat others. What is their relationship with their parents, siblings and other family members? How do they treat their friends? How do they treat wait staff and other service people when you are out with them? Even if they initially treat you well, if they are rude, unkind or dismissive towards others, this may be a red flag that could indicate how they might treat you down the road.

#4. You like each other’s most “extreme” characteristics

Is your new love extremely shy, overly gregarious, and staunchly political, an all-raw vegan juice diet purist, or extreme in some other way? Are you? These types of pronounced traits could be deal-breakers in some relationships; however, if you find each other’s’ most extreme qualities, genuinely charming, this could be a sign that you were meant for each other.

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#5. The potential for true love

What do you see and feel in the eyes of your partner when they look at you? Genuine love has an undeniable quality. If you feel that from your partner and you feel this for them, then the potential for a truly great romance is there.

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Not all relationships are meant to go the distance. However, if your new love interest shows many of the signs listed here, it’s quite possible that you’ve met your match.

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