5 Unknown Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil On Regular Basis


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5 Unknown Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil On Regular Basis

Extracted from argan tree nuts, commonly found in Morocco, argan oil is a boon for your hair and skin. The oil, also called as Liquid Gold, is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, antioxidants, vitamin A and E. Moreover, the best part about argan oil is that just a few drops of this miracle liquid can do wonders to your skin and hair.

No wonder argan oil is fast becoming favourites of many people. And if you are keen to know what all miracles this Moroccan oil can do on your skin and hair, then keep scrolling down!

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#1. Moisturises skin

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

If you want soft and supple skin, then simply moisturise your skin with this oil. It will hydrate even the driest skin. And since the oil is gentle, absorbs quickly and is non-sticky, it could be used as your daily moisturiser or for overnight treatment. Just apply 1-2 drops of oil on your face, around your eyes and neck in a circular motion and you will be surprised to see the result.

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#2. Ideal anti-ageing product

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

If you want to keep wrinkles away, include argan oil in your skincare regime. The antioxidants present in this oil will protect your skin’s elasticity, making it an excellent anti-ageing serum. Simply massage with a few drops of oil on your skin and neck before bedtime to delay the onset of premature ageing.

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#3. Cures skin problems

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are most annoying skin problems. Those red spots can worsen if not treated on time. But here is the good news. Argan oil can help you reduce the sebum levels of the skin, especially of oily skin. High linoleic acid content present in the oil not only helps in reducing the inflammation but even helps in healing the damaged skin cells. After applying oil as a moisturiser, dab little extra oil on the problem area for instant relief.

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

If you can, add a couple of drops tea tree oil with argan oil before applying it on the acne prone area. Since, tea tree oil is also rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-bacterial, antifungal as well as anti-viral properties; it works well with argan oil to fight stubborn acne and even reduces scarring.

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#4. Controls frizzy hair

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

Want to control your frizzy hair? Then simply take 1-3 drops (depending on the length of your hair) of oil, warm it in your palms before applying it on your scalp and locks. It's non-greasy nature makes it a perfect leave-in conditioner. It will not only help in taming frizz and fly-away but will also take care of the split ends and protect your hair from heating of various styling tools.

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#5. Adds shine to your locks

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

Due to pollution, heat, diet and lifestyle change, your hair loses its shine with time. But you can now restore the natural shine of your hair with simple oil massage. Take 2-3 drops of oil and massage it into your hair and leave it at least for an hour before washing it off with your normal shampoo. You can do this once or twice in a week. Various vitamins and antioxidants present in the oil help in strengthening your hair along with making it smooth, soft and shiny.

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

Other than these, argan oil can also be used to improve the condition of your nails, lips, dry hands, feet dandruff and stretch marks.

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Things to keep in mind while buying argan oil

Skin And Hair Benefits Of Using Argan Oil

  • There is no such thing as cheap argan oil. Since extracting oil from the nut is a tough and labour-intensive task, the oil will naturally be a bit costly
  • Always look for ingredients on the bottle. Do not buy the one with artificially fragranced oil and preservatives. Always look for 100% argan oil or ‘Made in Morocco’ tag for best results.
  • Do not buy the oil if it is packed in plastic bottles as plastic is known to interact negatively with oil. Pure oil comes only in dark bottles as exposure to light will hamper its natural properties.
  • The oil has a distinct nutty aroma, which disappears within seconds after application. Also, the texture of the oil is smooth, slightly thick, light in weight and non-greasy. It should easily be absorbed in your skin.
  • Beware while using argan oil if you have nut allergies. Although it is not a tree nut but a stone fruit and the oil is extracted from its nut, it is always safe to have a patch test done before using the oil to prevent any adverse reactions.

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Phew! One bottle and so many benefits! The oil is like a superfood for your skin and hair. So, what are you waiting for, go and grab your argan oil bottle now and reap its benefits.