Sohail Khan Shares Why Relationships Fail, Asks People To Move On When They Lose Excitement In It

Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan recently shared some advice on relationships. While the former talked about expiry date of relationships, the latter shared his thoughts about commitment in relationships.


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Sohail Khan Shares Why Relationships Fail, Asks People To Move On When They Lose Excitement In It

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s son, Arhaan Khan, recently released the first episode of his new podcast, Dumb Biryani, on YouTube. For the premiere episode, the young lad, along with his friends, Dev Raiyani and Arush Verma, sat down with Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan to talk about adulting, brotherhood, and romance, among other things.

Sohail Khan says that people should be in relationships till they are happy in it

During the conversation, Sohail Khan opened up about the reason behind failed relationships. He said that people are generally pressured into relationships and they take this extremely seriously. The actor added that one should stay in a relationship till they are happy in it and advises people not to sour things with their partners. Sharing his father’s advice, Sohail further added:

“My father told me this once that, the other way around he said well kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. We get pressured into relationships, where we feel that what's going to happen to the other person or to yourself. There’s a whole world out there, and it's only from relationships that actually learn, the people who you meet. I'm not saying that and people take relationships extremely seriously which I don't know if it's good advice from my side, but I just feel that till when it lasts and till when you're happy together, have the relationship going. Don't make it sour.”

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Sohail Khan shares that relationships come with expiry dates as well

For those who don’t know, Sohail Khan got married to Seema Sajdeh in 1998 and parted ways with her in 2022. The former couple has two sons, Nirvaan and Yohaan. Continuing his thoughts on relationships during the same interaction, Sohail mentioned that everything comes with an expiry date. Likewise, relationships expire as well, and one should amicably move on from it when one feels that the excitement in their relationship is lost. Stating how communication is the key, Sohail said:

“Negative feelings about other people coming to you because see, everything has an expiry. You buy medicine, you buy a chocolate, you call for food. So even relationships have an expiry. If you feel that you're losing the excitement in the relationship, amicably, just you know move on. Communication is the best thing, so, using the right choice of words, pick your words wisely, be honest.”

Arbaaz Khan adds that people should get into relationships when they can be the giver rather than the recipient

While Sohail shared his thoughts on being involved in relationships without looking for permanence, Arbaaz Khan chipped in with his thoughts on the same topic as well. The actor-turned-producer said that a person should get into a relationship when they are ready to give rather than receive. He also talked about how people often tend to forget what they have to offer to the other person as they are much more focused on receiving.

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Arbaaz Khan talks about commitments in a relationship

Moreover, Arbaaz also discussed commitments in a relationship. Talking about his own wedding, he shared that nikah is a contract and when two people sign it, they commit to take care of each other and be there for the other person through thick and thin. For those who don’t know, Arbaaz got married for the second time on December 24, 2023, to celebrity makeup artist, Sshura Khan. He was previously married to Malaika Arora. Sharing more insights into the matter, Arbaaz said:

“You get into a relationship, it has to come with a certain amount of commitment. I got married, and nikah is a contract actually to some extent, you sign a paper, it's like almost saying that you will take care of the person. So anything whether it's a job or it's a marriage, to some extent it's a commitment and commitments don't necessarily come with great feelings. If you just stay with fleeting feelings, today I feel for you, tomorrow I don't, marriages and relationships will break every second day so there has got to be a certain amount of commitment.”

What are your thoughts on the relationship advises that Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan shared? Let us know.

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